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  Man Group: Soon "Made in the UK" crypto-futures? | Bit Updates
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Man Group: Soon "Made in the UK" crypto-futures?

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The British hedge fund Man Group intends to take the plunge into new business for crypto-derivatives in the future. This announces CEO Luke Ellis this week. This follows the CME Group from Chicago, which also announced the corresponding business expansion at the end of October. Meanwhile, the UK's financial regulator FCA again warns against the risks of cryptocurrencies. In its latest publication, the agency advises consumers especially from investing in the crypto-derivatives. On CME followed Man: After the end of October, the American CME Group had hinted the introduction of futures contracts in the crypto sector, now also increases the Londoners Man Group in the business around the so-called crypto-futures. This is reported by news service Reuters on Tuesday, November 14th. Futures are exchange-traded forward contracts. They require the buyer to deliver or buy a certain amount of Bitcoin at a specific future time at a specified price or exchange rate. Futures are considered to be highly risky on the stock market because they allow large profits in no time at the same time as huge losses. With the help of the Man Group, such investment opportunities will soon be available in the UK as well: "Digital currencies are an interesting concept. They are not yet part of our investment universe – but they could. When it comes to Bitcoin CME futures, they will, "said Luke Ellis, managing director of the fund, which claims to own more than $ 100 billion in assets for its clients, told Reuters on Tuesday. Furthermore, he spoke against cryptocurrencies against many criticisms, credibility. Just because they are not controlled by governments like analogous currencies, they would not disqualify and devalue, according to Ellis. The US CME Group had paved the way for cryptocurrencies in the options sector. At the end of October, the world's largest derivatives exchange announced that it would expand its business to the crypto sector, fueling current prices. According to CME CEO Terry Duffy, customers should be able to invest in the new business models and corresponding futures contracts with Bitcoin from mid-December. British financial regulators once again with little optimismWhile the financial sectors are opening up to cryptocurrencies, the British authorities' response is skeptical. For example, the independent financial regulator FCA is warning of the risks of cryptocurrencies for the third time in the last few months this week. In addition, in an article on its website on Tuesday, Nov. 14, the authority also specifically addresses the option and forward transactions around Bitcoin, so-called crypto-CFDs (Contracts for Difference) harmless, yet consumers should consider the possible high losses. "Crypto-CFDs are an extremely risky, speculative instrument. You should be fully aware of the risks and then decide whether crypto-CFDs are right for you, "the article says.A chance to establish oneself, but these low hopes are unlikely to deter the Man Group. When the CME Group expands its business to include crypto-futures in December, it will soon be followed by its British counterpart. With this, cryptocurrencies and bitcoin will continue to establish themselves in more conventional financial industry market sectors. The opening of the Man Group in the UK and CME in the US shows that the expansion of the established business of established investment banks in cryptocurrencies does not stop there. Rather, it seems possible that they will also establish themselves beyond option and other stock market transactions. Ultimately, it seems possible these days that in the future even large banks accept the alternative means of payment. Corresponding food for thought had been provided in recent weeks by several representatives of the "old" financial world. After Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and ECB Director Benoît Cœuré had stressed that Bitcoin was a serious matter, Citigroup's CEO Michael Corbat also commented positively on the future of cryptocurrencies last week.BTC-ECHOAbout David BarkhausenDavid Barkhausen has written as a freelance journalist for several daily newspapers, radio, television and incidentally his own blog and reported. Since 2017, the Master of Political Science at the University of Heidelberg has been dedicated to the topic of blockchain. In this context, he focuses primarily on the areas of regulation, society and economic policy. All contributions by David Barkhausen Bilddellenshutterstock_741657622: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/stock-trader-goes-out-office-inspects -741,657,622? src = TpAdX4NxsFbIPzszluY7LQ-1-17


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