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  Male self-image in the crisis: We need a feminism for men – Politics | Bit Updates
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Male self-image in the crisis: We need a feminism for men – Politics

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

He is in crisis. Again. Perhaps it is a long-term crisis. Perhaps he is quite right, the white, heterosexual man. After all, he created enough crises and problems – above all, sexism. However, one does not have to look at the male treatment of the female sex, in order to arrive at the conclusion that the concept and our understanding of masculinity are urgently covered. The rampant sexism, which shows Harvey Weinstein's longevity again, is disturbing. No question. But it is often only a symptom. The crisis in which the man is today reaches far into the man's heart. The consequences of this malaise, however, are all to be felt. For many men the question of the characteristics of masculinity probably does not arise. They think so much about fish above water. Masculinity is ubiquitous to them. They live masculinity, because they belong to the male sex. The biological characteristics thus define the social being. There is little natural or biological aspect of manhood. In line with Simone de Beauvoir's well-known feminist guiding principle, it can also be argued that men are not born as men, but are made for it. Its physical characteristics are given, the rest is constructed. It is the cultural habits and social conditions that define manhood. And there are men who determine or determine them. Thus men are at the same time guardians and prisoners of their own masculinity. There are many definitions and types of masculinity, all of which are culturally and locally bound. For the sake of simplicity, one can focus on the definition of the British artist and transvestite Grayson Perry, who pointedly points out that it is a construct of conditioned emotions for people with penis. But exactly this construct wobbles enormously and threatens to collapse. This affects all men, albeit in different ways. Holding on to the control The construct man has given an identity to many men over the centuries and thus has given a halt. What happens, however, if the social and technological progress of this construct jeopardize or be overtaken? When women are suddenly equal and traditional men's domains suddenly lose their significance in the world of work, there is an identity crisis and the man today suffers. The Sinneskrise has a tradition. Again and again the role of man within society was challenged. As early as 1914, the American journalist Floyd Dell wrote that the man needed the feeling of being needed and not really wanting to be free. The feminism, which was still in the early days, was a chance to escape this state, because it would lead, shortly or long, that there is no dependence of the woman on the man and the man consequently to freedom. Dell's analysis was at that time utopian, today it is already a reality in parts. Nevertheless, the man continues to cling desperately to his status. And he believes that control over others is only through control of himself.


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