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Machine resolves Magic Cube in just 0.38 seconds

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: build-its-inprogress.blogspot.de (screenshot from video))
             Who blinks missed the most: The device of two hobbyists turns a Rubik cube in awesome 0.38 seconds in the solution position. And the inventors want to increase the pace even more.


        Two inventors have built a machine that solves the puzzle Rubiks cube in just 0.38 seconds. The previous record of a machine is 0.637 seconds and comes from 2016 (a person currently needs at least 4.59 seconds for normal release). Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo released a video showing their apparatus:

        The machine solves the magic cube – in video first in real time, then in extreme slowdown.
        In a blog post on their website BuildIts in Progress, the inventors describe a lot of details about the hardware and software of their design. So they used about six motors (two from a robot arm) and two PlaystationEye cameras that provide the software images for detection and processing.

Katz even sees opportunities for tuning, which could reduce the time to release by about 100 milliseconds. There were setbacks, however – sometimes the machine reached too rabid and crumbled a cube:

        Fading is always: A copy of the cube crumbles between the engines.




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