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Linux Distribution: CentOS 7.4 released iX

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Linux distribution: CentOS 7.4 released



          14.09.2017 14:56 UhrJan Federal man

              A new release of the Linux distribution CentOS, 7.4.1708, has been released. It is based on the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 from the beginning of August.
            One month after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 (RHEL), the community has also announced the general availability of its free derivative CentOS version 7.4. The two distributions correspond to the functionality, the licensed content is removed at CentOS. Accordingly, they have the same innovations at the core; for example a new kernel, which includes drivers for NVMe over Fabric.
The developers have also cleared up the field of cryptography. Thus, one prepares the departure from SHA-1 and has removed the protocols SSH 1.0 as well as SSL 2.0 completely from the cryptographic routines. Added to this are DTLS for OpenSSL and ECDHE for sendmail.
As a Technology Preview, CentOS has adopted the System Roles introduced with RHEL 7.4. Because of a larger version step, operators of an OpenLDAP server must take precautions before the upgrade, otherwise the service does not continue. All updates and updates that have been added after freezing the versions are in the Updates repository, and users are encouraged to update the system immediately after installation with yum update.




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