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LG: Limited Precious V30 costs over 1500 euros

Thursday, December 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: LG)
             There is still room for improvement: LG topped the high price for the iPhone X with a limited smartphone called Signature Edition. The inflated version of the V30 comes only in South Korea and in limited quantities in the trade.


        The high price of the iPhone X is the subject of much discussion – LG now shows that more goes: The South Korean manufacturer offers on the domestic market an inflated version of the V30. The so-called Signature Edition Phone is not just about the V30 +, but a third model of the LG flagship. The most notable feature of the phone is the price. According to zdnet.com, the LG Signature Edition Phone costs 2 million South Korean won. That's about 1550 euros. The iPhone X costs therefore in South Korea converted around 1260 euros.
Detailed improvementsRein visually, compared to the original, not much has changed, the design of the Signature Edition is only a bit simpler than the standard V30 version because of distant branding. After all, the material should be of higher quality and you can have his name engraved. The technology also remains untouched for the most part. However, the memory is growing from 4 to 6 GB. A welcome change that does not justify the surcharge alone.
On the software side, the Signature Edition Phone from LG also has an advantage: It is already running on Android 8.0. Owners of a conventional V30 still have to settle for Android 7, with the update expected in the coming weeks. So you pay for the LG Signature Phone probably mainly for the exclusivity. The luxury smartphone is limited to 300 copies.




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