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  Less is more or much helps a lot? The pictures of the week (CW 49) | Bit Updates
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Less is more or much helps a lot? The pictures of the week (CW 49)

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             To achieve the desired effect, some of our photographers this week opted for reduction, while others opted for technical amplification.


        In photography, both can be right: depending on the subject, less is more or much helps a lot. Thus, the renunciation of color in the picture "Into the wild" by Meiko Schimmelpfennig emphasizes the structure and depth of the landscape, supports in the self-portrait of star sailors together with the reduced light the strong expression and leads with "The ugly duckling" of Winwood to a mercilessly honest animal portrait. The monochrome "shaggy beard" by Luckyguy also benefits from the reduced color scheme.
By contrast, the Alpine landscape near the pilgrimage church of Maria Gern derives its effect from the intensified use of color. With this HDR image created from five shots, MixMax_14 has deliberately turned up the color slider slightly. All pictures of the week shows our picture gallery.

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    Into the wild
    The SW photo by Meiko Schimmelpfennig reminds a bit of the romance à la Caspar David Friedrich. He writes to us: "The picture was taken on the way back on a long hike on the Villach Alps in Carinthia.The sun was already low and has thrown an interesting light on the Julian Alps, which were still somewhat enveloped by the haze rather spontaneously than was seen from one point of view, how the mountains lay like planes in a row. "Canon EOS Rebel T3i with Canon EF-S 55-250mm at 250mm, ISO 100, f / 6.3, 1/640 s ( Picture: Meiko Schimmelpfennig)




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