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  Legal experts disagree: Is Tegel's legal protection legally possible? – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Legal experts disagree: Is Tegel's legal protection legally possible? – Berlin

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

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During the discussion of the day's level in the Urania on Tuesday evening, the crowd was brisk, and the clerks and whistles met on stage as well as bravos and applause. But suddenly it was quiet – and indeed, when the lawyer of state law Helge Sodan was asked to explain the legal situation. Sodan, however, found new aspects that he brought into the discussion. The termination of the land planning contract as an option While the current legal situation presupposes the closure of Tegel, one could, for example, also think of the fact that Country planning contract. This is the state contract with Brandenburg, which forms the legal basis for the land development plans, which in turn provide for the closure of Tegels within six months after BER opening. At the same time, Sodan accepted the opinion of lawyer Reiner Geulen, who had already represented the Senate in the planning procedure, and criticized that "it certainly does not shine through a special technical depth". He brought Geulen into the political proximity of the Senate and submitted to the Senate to commission expert reports that were not intended. The legal analysis Helge Sodan was one of the few quiet moments during the TXL discussion round.Photo: Kai-Uwe HeinrichRechtsanwälte are still always partisan. The former OVG President Jürgen Kipp had also contradicted himself, since he had in July on television the opposite of what was in his opinion. Sodan asked why they had not appointed expert opinions from recognized scientists, best outside Berlin. Senate and Geulen reproached themselves

 At day-to-day demand, Geulen attributed the hypothesis of political coloring. He was not in any party, Geulen said, but Sodan had been made chairman of the Berlin Constitutional Court under Klaus Landowsky. On the legal side, Geulen said: "The proposal to terminate the land planning contract is an academic absurdity." The airport is still the least regulated. It was not surprising that Sodan would not trust to publish such a thing in writing in order to have it discussed by lawyers. Geulens, the pianist, Remo Klinger, who also participated in many of the relevant discussions at Tegel, described the consequences of such a termination in more concrete terms: "A larger property could not shoot Berlin, and all other joint planning works depend on this contract," says Klinger. Factory outlets on the outskirts of the city would then be able to take away the customers from the Berlin trade, and residential districts would be created without any traffic connections, the inhabitants of which would then block Berlin's access roads, just to name two examples. Sodan certainly did not consider these consequences. Moreover, the period of notice was three years, so that it was not until January 1, 2022, that the legal bases were renewed; open the BER until then, everything is lapsed. Then one could theoretically also think about a partial termination, Sodan countered. When asked why the Senate did not deal with external experts, the Senate administration was the first to react to finance. "We are not concerned with this criticism because we have mandated three recognized scientists, one of whom is from the Belgian University of Hasselt," said spokeswoman Eva Henkel. "Brandenburg will not allow changes to the state planning", referring to the expert opinion of Thorsten Beckers and Florian Gizzi of the TU Berlin and Robert Malina of the University of Hasselt on the economic consequences of the holding of Tegel. Dirk Behrendt (Greens) 's spokesman, Sebastian Brux, also rejected Sodan' s criticism.

"For lawyer Geulen was exactly one of three K.O. points, why TXL has no future. A change in the state planning process requires the approval of both provincial parliaments. The state of Brandenburg has repeatedly stated that it will not agree to a change in binding land planning. Mr Sodan had obviously not read the report on this issue. "For the Senate Administration for Justice, the outcome of a legal examination is decisive. "Our opinion was clear: it is not legally possible to keep Tegel open. The attempts to exclude the clear legal position through the opinions of air traffic experts show the lack of debate, "said Brux. How the Senate will deal politically with a "yes" in the political decision is unclear. Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) at any rate called it "a gift for the city" to be able to develop such a large inner city area with flats, offices, schools, day care centers and shops.


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