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  Lawsuit on tax evasion in Brandenburg: Court bans AFD member of Parliament Mandate Exercise – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Lawsuit on tax evasion in Brandenburg: Court bans AFD member of Parliament Mandate Exercise – Berlin

Friday, February 16th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The district court Neuruppin has the Brandenburg AfD member of parliament Jan-Ulrich white on Friday for tax evasion sentenced to a prison sentence of one year and ten months probation. In addition, the court has the AfD politician for three years denied the right to exercise public office. If the verdict becomes final, White is unlikely to hold on to his state mandate. Weiss had moved into the state parliament for Alexander Gauland in the AFD parliamentary group this fall, after Gauland had been elected to the Bundestag. The loss of public office is possible from imprisonment of one year, with officials even mandatory. The prosecution had previously requested this step and also demanded a prison sentence of one year and ten months on probation for tax evasion in a particularly serious case. It is questionable whether it will remain with the mandate ban. Weiß could appeal to the Federal Court of Justice in the next instance. Whether there would be a decision until the next state election in Brandenburg in autumn 2019 remains to be seen. The court justified its decision on Friday afternoon with the fact that the statement of the co-defendant, who has burdened Weiss and above all himself considerably, is credible. Lawyer demands acquittal – or to save the mandate less than a yearThe AFD politician is said to have smuggled cigarettes on a large scale in 2013, according to charges. The charge was therefore tax evasion in the amount of more than half a million euros. The lawyer of the MP, Volker G. Heinz, applied for acquittal. The co-defendant, for whom the public prosecutor's office demanded one year and four months probation and charged Weiß in court, was not credible. Even the statements of a driver who had burdened White, were contradictory. In the alternative, in the event of a conviction, the lawyer applied for a fine or imprisonment of less than one year. For the 42-year-old politician, father of seven children, son of a pastor and a deacon, it's about everything: the existence, the parliamentary mandate and about 8000 Euro diets a month, which he draws since autumn 2017 .Weiß himself had denied in court that he knew about cigarette smuggling. "From any contraband was and is not known to me," he had his lawyer read on Monday in Room 1 of the Neuruppiner district court. "I had no Idea."

The defendants – "Langer" and "Dicker" His co-defendant (37) had confessed on Monday to the trial prelude a confession. Together they organized smuggling around 5.8 million untaxed cigarettes from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom in 2013. "Langer" (white) and "Dicker" – so the two defendants were stored in the driver's cell phone, which was taken in 2013 during a check in England with the prohibited cargo, but is not even charged. The two defendants are familiar with the freight forwarding industry. Weiß previously worked for a haulage company, first as a driver, then as a dispatcher. The lawyer of the co-defendant, the Potsdam defense lawyer Marlen Block, now demands for her client a probationary sentence of eight months for aiding and abetting tax evasion in a particularly serious case. He was exonerated of the charge of tax evasion himself. White was noticed with an anti-Semitic Facebook post. Whites, after all, the district leader of the AfD in the Uckermark, is also a controversial figure within his party. The sevenfold father had caused in 2014 with an anti-Semitic Facebook post for outrage. White showed a collage with a picture of the Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild and the greedy "Mr. Burns "from the series" The Simpsons ". Alexander Gauland, then still country chairman of the AfD, had tried in vain to exclude Weiß from the party. The cartoon has "striker-level," said Gauland. He failed both before the state and the federal arbitration court of the party. In June 2016, White was finally acquitted of the charge of sedition. The prosecution had filed charges for the Facebook post and pleaded a fine of 5000 euros, but the district court Prenzlau said the native Templiner free. White 'Justification in court for the action: He wanted to criticize the big capital that dominated world politics. That's not anti-Semitic. The Moses-Mendelssohn Center in Potsdam had criticized the court's decision that it should have gone into more detail about what anti-Semitism is and what it is.

The top of the parliamentary group stands for white and waits for judgment after last resortIn the state election in 2014 White joined the constituency Uckermark III / Oberhavel IV, inter alia, against the CDU deputy Henry Wichmann, who won the direct mandate with 38 percent of the vote. White came to 7.7 percent and would be drafted in 2014 almost as a follower of the state list in the Potsdam Parliament, after Gauland-foster son Stefan Hein had initially declared that he would not take his mandate. In order to prevent White coming, Hein stayed in the state parliament, however as a non-attached MP. With the entry into the Bundestag of Alexander Gauland White finally moved last November after the Diet. He is infrastructure spokesman for the parliamentary group. As a job title is on his website: farmer. Originally, he worked as a warehouse manager and later as an independent driver in long-distance traffic. In the case of a conviction of white, according to the state's list would be the next follower teacher Maria-Theresia Patzer from Märkisch-Oderland. About this case, one does not worry about the AfD. "We go to the trial start from the presumption of innocence," said fraction leader Andreas Kalbitz. However, he had repeatedly pointed out that one waited until the case has been negotiated by all instances. In plain English: As long as there is no final verdict, the AfD stands for white. (with axf)


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