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Kimba Wood

Kimba Wood

Michael Cohen to appear in federal court

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Kimba Maureen Wood (born January 21, 1944) is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

With degrees from Harvard Law School and the London School of Economics (LSE), U.S. Federal Judge Kimba Wood would seem an unlikely candidate to have a Playboy past.

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The judge presiding over the case involving President Donald Trump's longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, has an interesting story. US District Judge Kimba Wood was, at one time, under consideration to be President Bill Clinton's attorney general.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Kimba Wood sued for divorce yesterday, formally scrapping a 14-year marriage less than a year after her love affair with a Wall Street millionaire was revealed in his private diaries.

Thursday’s New York Times featured some unseemly gushing over Democratic Judge Kimba Wood, whose decision outed Fox News host Sea Hannity as a client of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, under a headline showcasing extraneous praise for Wood: “On Bench for Cohen Case: ‘The Judicial Equivalent of Teddy Roosevelt."

Kimba Wood, the judge currently presiding over the Michael Cohen case, is one of the foremost jurists in the country.

Federal Judge Kimba Wood, who is overseeing the court case against Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, officiated the 2013 wedding of George Soros, a billionaire supporter of liberal political causes, according to news reports at that time.

Kimba Wood, the judge in the Michael Cohen case, has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, briefly trained as a Playboy bunny and was once called the "love judge."

Kimba Maureen Wood is a federal judge on senior status with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.She joined the court in 1988 after being nominated by President Ronald Reagan.

Federal Judge Kimba Wood will be overseeing the court case against President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Here are five facts about Judge Wood - and why Trump should be very worried.

Enter U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood to oversee a case affecting President Donald Trump, his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen and a porn star.

NEW YORK (AP) — Sometimes it takes a colorful judge like no other to handle a colorful case like no other. U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood got her unique first...

The federal judge presiding over the Michael Cohen case finds herself at the center of one of the toughest legal brawls of the Trump era -- but District Judge Kimba Wood is no stranger to the spotlight.

The Manhattan federal judge shouldering the legal fate of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, and possibly the president’s as well, is no stranger to political firestorms. For United States District Judge Kimba M. Wood, who was once considered for Attorney General but was ...

Wood was almost Bill Clinton's attorney general, briefly trained to become a Playboy bunny, and presided over a 2010 Russian spy case

The mounting legal case against President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen has brought another name into the news: Kimba Wood.

The mounting legal case against President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen has brought another name into the news: Kimba Wood.

Bloomberg Gadfly's Timothy O'Brien discusses the Trump administration and the Cohen investigation, possibly posing a bigger threat than any of the president's international deals.

"It seems readily apparent that on Monday, April 16, 2018, United States District Court Judge Kimba Wood engaged in partisan political conduct which has resulted in a substantial and widespread lowering of public confidence in the courts among reasonable people.

Former Playboy bunny Kimba Wood, now a federal judge, abused her position to help CNN bring down Sean Hannity in the ratings. In a blow not only to the Fourth Amendment right to seek counsel, a lawyer for CNN and the New York Times sought the disclosure. So much for any claim -- any -- that either ...

And if the Democrats want to continue this “witch hunt,’’ as President Trump rightly called it before federal judges were approving raids on legal practices and forcing attorneys to publicly disclose legally privileged information in open court, then let the left try to justify the blatantly unconstitutional behavior of Judge Wood.

News about Kimba M. Wood. Commentary and archival information about Kimba M. Wood from The New York Times.

Judge Kimba Wood Orders Trump’s Private Files To Be Distributed Across Federal Server; WaPo Columnist: Trump Supporters Are “Immoral and Un-American”

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Information contained in this site, such as Judges’s Individual Practices, is made available for the convenience of the bar and litigants and is accurate as of each judge’s last submitted update.

A porn star in the courtroom? The president’s secrets at stake? Why Kimba Wood isn’t even blinking.

Judge Kimba Wood, who is presiding over the case against President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, was nearly nominated by then-President Bill Clinton to serve as attorney general in 1993. Wood was hand-picked by Hillary Clinton, who had been asked to submit a list of possible ...

Judge Kimba Wood's office issued a rare public statement distancing her from George Soros the billionaire liberal mega-donor whose wedding she conducted.

Sean Hannity on Media Coverage of Michael Cohen in US District Court Before Judge Kimba Wood. posted by Hannity Staff - 1 day ago.

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