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Japan is launching Blockchain Business Camp

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Tokyo's government is currently organizing the Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo. The aim is to bring together companies dealing with the issues surrounding the blockchain. The government cooperates with the Japanese Thinktank Nomura Research Institute. The Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo is the third run of a series of Accelerator programs that are interesting for emerging blockchain applications. As an accelerator, the programs start-ups through coaching help to accelerate growth. The planned program is specifically looking for international companies. The capital of Japan wants to become attractive with the action for companies from overseas. Therefore, there is currently a call for tenders, which will ultimately invite five companies to Tokyo. The main focus of the call for tenders is on companies developing advanced blockchain applications. Above all in the fields of transactions, security, internet of things, supply chains and sharing economy. The project is intended to create economic incentives and make the island state more attractive for foreign investors and start-ups. Therefore, Japanese is not necessary for the guests, there should be sufficient translators. In addition, the stay for the start-ups is completely organized by the Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo. The Blockchain Business Camp offers many incentives for guests. The Japanese companies will act as mediators and mentors. You will not only provide the invited company with advice and assistance. Rather, they will also offer them the opportunity to meet investors from Tokyo. Guests have the opportunity to create business plans and expand the company concept together with the hosts. A further incentive, which is offered to the guests, is to be advertised. Thus, over a longer period of time in Shinjuku and Tokyo's railway stations advertisements for the companies are running. This also makes Japan one of the countries that open up against Blockchain, Bitcoin & Co.. In the course of the regulation, licenses were distributed to eleven crypto exchanges only last month. In addition, Japan announced the launch of its own crypt diet, while Fujitsu is building a money transfer program based on the blockchain technology.BTC-ECHOAbout Phillip HorchPhillip Horch completed his master's degree in literature arts media at the University of Konstanz in October 2017 and has been working as a " free journalist. Already during his studies, he has written for various magazines and is now walking in Berlin. His main focus is on the opportunities and challenges of digitalization, so he has also been working on the topic complex blockchain and cryptanalysis for quite some time. All posts by Phillip Horch Similar posts


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