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Japan: GMO Internet Group plans payroll in Bitcoin

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Japan's largest Internet service provider, the GMO Internet Group, will offer its 4,700 employees to pay up to $ 900 of their monthly salary in Bitcoin as of March 2018. The group has been generating revenue from its blockchain and mining services for months now. It's certainly breaking news from Japan. Bloomberg editor Yuji Nakamura announced yesterday on Twitter that one of the island's largest employers in the online sector wants to change its payout modalities. To begin with, the new terms apply only to GMO Internet Co. Ltd. employees but soon change. If all the companies in the group have followed, over 4,710 full-time employees can be paid out, at least up to $ 900, in Bitcoin. Among other things, the GMO Internet Group operates as an Internet Service Provider, arranges online advertising and offers products from the areas of Internet Security and Mobile Entertainment. Since July of this year, a separate Blockchain development service is offered. Bitcoin Mining services have been available to GMO clients since September. Japan thrives: Crypto currencies overcome country bordersAfter media reports, senior management announced that, sooner or later, cryptocurrencies will become universal currencies. Because anyone can carry out transfers almost at zero cost from anywhere, one day a new worldwide economic zone will emerge, which will be able to do without any limits. That sounds like a vision of the future, which should find much approval in the crypto community. Apart from any prophecies, Japan could soon be the first nation ever to demonstrate the mass suitability of cryptocurrencies. Since April 2017, Bitcoin has been a state-approved means of payment in Japan. Rough estimates suggest that there will be up to 300,000 Bitcoin acceptance points by the end of the year. In the Japanese television channels even TV spots run by Bitcoin dealers. All this would be completely unthinkable in Germany at the present time.BTC-ECHOAbout Lars SobirajLars Sobiraj began in 2000 to work as a career changer for various computer magazines. In 2006, gulli.com added new priorities: network policy and copyright. After leading the editorial team until October 2012, he now works freelance for various online magazines and of course for his own project, Tarnkappe.info. In addition, Lars Sobiraj teaches students on Sustainable Marketing & Leadership (M.A.) at Cologne University of Applied Sciences Fresenius how to use the Internet and social networks. Some time ago there was a growing interest in cryptocurrency, which fortunately works without the control of central banks. He would like to do his part to ensure that Bitcoin & Co. are not only of interest to pure speculators, but also to the woman and the man next door. All contributions by Lars Sobiraj


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