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  Jamaica soundings postponed: Nearly 70 percent of Germans fail for new elections – Politics | Bit Updates
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Jamaica soundings postponed: Nearly 70 percent of Germans fail for new elections – Politics

Friday, November 17th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

After the exploratory talks have been interrupted early Friday morning, the Jamaican chief negotiators have been back together since eleven o'clock in the afternoon. Previously, Angela Merkel once again made clear what she is about. "It's not easy," said the Chancellor on the way to the CDU party headquarters. There is "a variety of topics, in that it is not quite trivial to bring the various ends together." However, the Chancellor continues to assume that the Jamaican coalition is coming to fruition: "I go into the negotiations with my will, the electoral mandate It's not going to be easy, but it's certainly worth turning this round as well. "Spoke and disappeared into the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus for further discussions of party leaders of the CDU, CSU The CDU, CSU, FDP and the Greens had postponed their deliberations on Friday morning on entering into coalition negotiations for a Jamaican alliance after long negotiations at night. "We go into extra time," said Green Party leader Cem Özdemir How long the further discussions lasted, also depends on the referee, said Özdemir without the name of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to call .. In the end it comes only on there The result of the survey: Anna Schmidt / TspJe longer the exploratory negotiations drag on, the more votes in polls for a Jamaican alliance. According to "political barometer" of ZDF and Tagesspiegel it would only be good 50 percent if it came to such a coalition. That is a decrease of 7 percentage points compared to October. 31 percent would find a Jamaican coalition bad – 6 percentage points more than before. 16 percent of the respondents (plus 2) would not care, as the latest survey of the Mannheimer research group showed elections. If Jamaica does not come to fruition in the end, more than two-thirds of the respondents (68 percent) would be in favor of new elections – majorities can be found across all camps of party supporters. Only 29 percent of the respondents are against new elections. Laschet: seize every opportunity for agreement It is about the state political responsibility, said the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) in the morning. Every opportunity for an agreement must be used. "There were many issues understanding the other position, but no results, that's the sad," Laschet said. CSU boss Horst Seehofer has admitted that there are serious problems in the soundings admitted. But he wanted to continue fighting for the Alliance without any time limit. "We will do everything possible to explore whether a stable government formation is possible," said Seehofer after the interrupted negotiations. There are still many issues to dispute and not a sufficient approximation, this also applies to the reduction of the soli tax surcharge: "These are difficult fields that are to be processed." For the continuation of the talks, there is no time limit. In the controversial family reunification of relatives of asylum seekers already living in Germany, Seehofer was hard. This is about hundreds of thousands of people. "That's why we can not agree to a solution that results in an expansion of immigration."

FDP Vice Kubicki is frustratedFDP leader Christian Lindner was optimistic that they will still come to a solution. An agreement was still possible, the sounding should not fail a few hours. He spoke of a "historical project". The greatest difficulties exist in the areas of refugee and fiscal policy. Less optimistic, however, was FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki. There was no confidence built. "This is extremely frustrating for me." He'll shower for an hour and a half now. "And then I go on TV and try to make a good impression. And to spread optimism. "A little later, Kubicki also appeared in the ARD morning magazine and found clear words for the current situation:" The fronts are hardened. " Actually, the weekend would have been free – now the sounders wanted to try "to solve the knot," says Kubicki. Also practical problems would result from the extension: "I must ask my wife now that she brings me new shirts." Conversations could last the whole weekendUnions Group leader Volker Kauder expects further talks over the entire weekend. "It continues, the whole weekend, we'll go out," says Kauder leaving the exploratory site. But he also demanded a degree until Sunday: "It must come to this weekend now synonymous to a result," said the CDU politician. Despite all the difficulties, Kauder was convinced that this could succeed. The sounding had deepened in some areas so that it is actually already coalition negotiations. "That's why the length of the negotiation is longer." Anyone who claimed that there were no differences between the parties could now see these differences. The CDU vice-chairman Julia Klöckner warned of a failure of the soundings. The parties would have to be aware of what the alternative would be, Klöckner said before continuing the talks. "It must be remembered that the German Bundestag can not dissolve itself, that the Federal President also has a lot in the hand and the question is whether in new elections, the results are better."

Video17.11.2017, 05:03 Uhr00: 27 Min.Jamaika negotiations go into the extensionBundesentwicklungsminister Gerd Müller (CSU) is fundamentally based on the success of Jamaica soundings. "This is a difficult birth," he said early Friday morning, after the negotiators from the CDU, CSU, FDP and Greens had adjourned for lunch. "That was difficult and that remains difficult. And that's why we continue tomorrow. And then we hope that we come to a conclusion, "he added. Above all, the Greens and the CSU are said to have gotten stuck in the talks on family reunification and refugee policy as a whole. During the night there should have been several one-on-one talks and a round of party chairmen at the end. CSU boss Horst Seehofer rejects allegations that the CSU is split. He criticized especially Green Party CEO Michael Kellner, who had "false claims" set up. The Greens chairman Katrin Göring Eckardt had assured him that this was not in their favor. "We have to ensure order," says Seehofer. The CSU and also the Union are very closed. Refugee policy remains a sticking point. Plenty of things were reported to be related to the refugee issue and, in particular, to the Union's demand to extend until March 2018 a temporary stop of family reunification for refugees with limited protection status. The Greens want to phase out the scheme and make the move again. But they were then ready to talk. There was movement but there were some topics – according to participants in the topic of climate given. CDU leader Angela Merkel had offered a reduction in coal-fired power production by seven gigawatts. The Union and the FDP had originally wanted to grant only three to five gigawatts, the Greens wanted eight to ten gigawatts. According to reports, it should be about electricity from lignite. Production was to be reduced, however, in agreement with the power plant operators. The basis of the negotiations during the night was a 61-page negotiation paper drawn up on Wednesday, but which still contained some square brackets expressing the different positions. (With dpa)



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