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  Jamaica coalition and asylum policy: Only a "upper limit zero" brings us further – Politics | Bit Updates
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Jamaica coalition and asylum policy: Only a "upper limit zero" brings us further – Politics

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

For asylum seekers arriving illegally to Austria the following applies: "upper limit equal to zero". This is the case since 27 September in the program of the Austrian People's Party for the forthcoming National Council elections next Sunday. A clear announcement. This sounds different than the current discussion on upper bounds in Germany. There is currently nothing to be heard of a concrete number. This was different at the beginning of 2016, when Bavaria's minister-president, Seehofer, still called a maximum of two hundred thousand asylum seekers. Snow of yesterday, because upper-limit discussions go past the asylum dilemma, which should now be known. Even with a strict upper-limit policy, anybody – whether politically vulnerable, job-seekers, criminals or terrorists – would have the same chance of coming to Germany. And that is exactly what has to be changed. Therefore, a "zero ceiling" is needed to prevent uncontrolled entry into the country. Instead, a new reception policy is to be created for politically motivated and migrant workers with a clearer immigration law and a reception procedure for refugees already registered abroad. Which persons, and how many can be accepted, is, of course, an important but only a secondary question. The crucial questions are not how many, but who and how. For most of the Greens, such a policy change would be a mortal sin. They want to keep both the boundaries open for each applicant as well as additionally large groups to get legal protection here. No state, no society could do it. Why, in fact, many of the Greens are more important to those refugees who leave their homeland in order to make their way to Germany, for whatever reason, as the many who "only" flee to a safe neighboring country, where they receive German support need? Could it be that these people seemed less useful to their parteipolitic profiling? Barbara John (CDU) was a foreign affairs commissioner from the Berlin Senate from 1981 to 2003.


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