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IX 9/2017: Machinery for own applications

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  IX 9/2017: Machinery for own applications



          23.08.2017 12:25 UhrOliver Diedrich

              Machine learning is beginning to turn the software world around. With the Google library TensorFlow, neural networks can be easily used in their own Python programs.
            Whether Facebook recognizes photos on uploaded photos, the Google Assistant understands natural language or Salesfoce detects new relationships in customer data: Under the keyword machine learning, neural networks, deep learning or cognitive computing, a new class of software is emerging. Such AI applications themselves find out how to solve problems by recognizing and generalizing patterns and laws in training data.
 Although ML's pioneers offer their know-how as a service from the cloud (Amazon KI, Google Cloud Machine Learning, IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services), but who wants to use more than the finished functions for image and speech analysis, Must program itself. A detailed tutorial in the new iX 9/2017 explains how to integrate, train and use neural networks in Python applications with the TensorFlow Google library – a quasi-standard for machine learning algorithms – in their own Python applications.
Further topics in the issue: Gamification as a method for increasing the security awareness among users · Overview of free storage software with S3 API · Parallelization of Java programs with CUDA · Hosting market overview: Managed services from Germany · Testing the web framework SAP OpenUI5 · B2B procurement systems · Storage-centric computer architectures
You will receive the new iX 9/2017 for 6.90 €


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