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iOS 11: Where it still hangs

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  iOS 11: Where it still hangs



          28.09.2017 09:10 UhrBen Schwan

    Apple devices with iOS 11.
                (Image: Apple)
              Apple has already presented a first update for its new mobile operating system. But not all bugs are fixed yet. An overview.
            Is the update to iOS 11 or should you wait? In principle, an update is useful – already because of some serious security gaps, which closes Apple's new mobile operating system. However, the update is by no means problem-free, which has also only partially changed with the version 11.0.1 released on Tuesday. A selection of frequently reported problems with iOS 11:
With Office 365 and Exchange, there are significant mail problems, where the sending of new messages was impossible. iOS 11.0.1 fixes the error apparently according to the first user reports.
32-bit apps are no longer running. This had already announced Apple. Here only helps to ask the developer of the respective software to publish an update. If it does not, the programs under iOS 11 can not be used. It is also no longer possible to access the data. Single users complain about apps that work more slowly than before – especially at the start. Affected applications are the Reddit-Client or the ESPN-Sports-App. In some cases, it is not possible to return from an app to the homescreen, or the app crashes at startup. This can be a reboot or a waiting time after the installation, so that the system can, among other things, build up a search index. Partially, users are also affected who were previously Betatester and then updated to the final version. A complete re-setting of the device can then be useful.Bluetooth connections make trouble. Users report, among other things, that the connection to their Bluetooth headsets is terminated, and more power is consumed. Apple had worked with iOS 11 also on the Bluetooth functionality and stuffed safety gaps. In addition to headphones and headsets, smart devices sometimes no longer connect correctly with the iOS-11 device. It is unclear how many users are affected here. The battery life on iOS 11 is decreasing. Here, some users report a halving of the usual usage availability. The reason is, however, that users simply burden their device after the update simply by the use of Augmented Reality services, which the CPU and the graphics chip strongly demand. Partially, a reboot helps – in the worst case you have to try, if the activation of the power saving mode helps. Many further information on the use of iOS 11 in practice read the new Mac & i issue 5/2017, which is from October 5th in the magazines.




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