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iOS 11: Pocket calculator does not come after typing

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  iOS 11: Pocket calculator does not come after typing



          23.10.2017 10:47 UhrBen Schwan

    Left the old, right the new pocket calculator.
                (Image: Screenshot via iPhone Hacks)
              Apple has redesigned the Calculator app in its new mobile operating system. It is now noticeable to users that they are currently not very reliable – even in the case of basic rhetoric.
            The task "1 + 2 + 3" should not actually result in "24". The new pocket calculator in iOS 11 comes however to this result, as users at Reddit complain. The reason is a "lag" in the user interface of the system app for iPhone, which has been redesigned since iOS 10, which leads to the fact that inputs are only accepted with delays.
Too fast typing confuses the computer
If you press too fast, the desired numbers or the character of the respective basic formula will not reach the application. In addition, "+", "-", "Mal" or "Shared" characters, as well as the "Result" key, "hang" sometimes, which can be determined by the fact that the respective command is not carried out or the key in the "unpressed" State. The delete button, on the other hand, usually works reliably.
It is unclear how Apple could not notice the problems in the months of the ongoing (or public) betting of iOS 11 – or why they were not fixed before the final version was completed. In any case, the use of the pocket calculator makes little joy.
Many alternatives in the App Store
Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives: Popular and well-functioning is the traditional computer PCalc by developer James Thomson – which is however with 11 euro is not quite cheap. However, for normal users, who want to replace Apple's pocket calculator, is often already the free Lite version of the app. In addition, there are several other good free alternatives in the App Store, which do not show the Apple problems – such as Calcbot.
At Reddit the problems caused a heated discussion with almost 400 comments .. "I was on the job and wanted to calculate something and thought I was going crazy, they had to fix that," a user said. "I thought I was the only one concerned," says the answer. Mac & i could understand the problem on several iPhones. It seems to be no matter how new (and fast) it is – it is a software error.




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