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iOS 11.2: Problems with Lightning Cables and Face ID

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  iOS 11.2: Problems with Lightning Cables and Face ID



          04.12.2017 15:27 UhrLeo Becker

            The iOS 11.2 lockscreen displays a bar at the top right, indicating that the control center is hidden there.
              After installing the latest iPhone system update, it is reported that synchronization with some third-party cables is no longer working. Face ID may refuse service on the iPhone X – the problem is easily resolved.
            To prevent possible crash loops through local notifications, Apple released iOS 11.2 during the night on last Saturday – an unusual measure.
According to user reports, the installation of the prematurely released system update for iPhone and iPad is usually without difficulty, however, there are first reports of subsequent problems with third-party Lightning cables: This may not work with iTunes on Windows PC or Mac more, as reported by iPhone Ticker. This could occur both with cables without Apple's Made for iPhone certification (MFi) as well as with those with this marking – the loading is in any case still possible.
"Accessories may not be supported"
Problems with Lightning cables come up again and again after iOS updates: Usually users are annoyed by the error message "This accessory may not be supported" and the power supply through the cable is suddenly interrupted. Often it helps to unplug and reconnect the cable – several attempts may be required. Again, this can happen with MFi certified cables. Users updating the iPhone and iPad via iTunes should always use a manufacturer's cable to apply the update, in order to rule out possible installation problems.
Dropouts at Face ID on iPhone X
Several iPhone X owners report that after updating to iOS 11.2, face recognition Face ID no longer works. If you open the associated system settings for "Face ID & Code", the message "Face ID can not be activated on this iPhone" appears. The problem can be cleared up easily: Another restart is to fix the error and bring back Face ID.
The face-ID bug may be related to a common notification-based workaround: restoring the date manually in the settings to prevent persistent crashes will also affect certain security features, including Face ID. Apple recommends deactivating notifications for apps prior to the upgrade – but that's an extremely tedious task depending on the amount of installed programs.
By the way, in the iPhone X's lockscreen, iOS 11.2 displays a bar under the battery and power indicator. The element irritating some users should point to the control center, which can be called by a swipe from the upper right corner.




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