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IOC Decision Against Russia: Clear Jein on State Doping – Politics

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

If you want to please everyone, you do not want to lose all your friends at once and you do not really want to decide on serious decisions. With this maxim in mind, they must have come to their decision on Tuesday evening in Lausanne: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has positioned itself with a clear Jein to the state doping fraud of the Russian winter sports. Flag no, athlete yes: athletes from the realm of Vladimir Putin may start in ten weeks at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Not under Russian, but under the Olympic flag. As Olympic athletes from Russia (OAR). The IOC has thus shown a soft edge. The motives are obvious. Winter games in the non-winter sports nation South Korea are as obvious as a football World Cup in Qatar and from the ground up – also because of the political situation with neighboring North Korea – a fragile matter. The best ice hockey players in the world have not come, the event would have lost further in case of exclusion of the Russians. There are powerful sponsors and a lot of audience in Russia, which in 2014 was happy about the first place in the medal table. The market is more important for winter sports than for the summer games. They seem to have thought more about money and validity at the IOC than about the fact that this non-decision can not be a decision on the road to a fair sport, but a blow more all those who lost in 2014 against the athletes doped by the Putin state. The Russians will start under the acronym OAR, possibly only the convicted athletes of Sochi will be missing. Almost two years ago, the IOC rejected a complete closure of Russia Probably IOC President Thomas Bach 2014 in Sochi at his friend Vladimir Putin liked too well. Despite the burden of proof, almost two years ago, the IOC had rejected a complete suspension of the Russian team for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. But since the Rio Games, the pressure grew, Bach has promised several times merciless education. 37 national anti-doping agencies have pleaded for the exclusion of the entire team of Russians for South Korea. The anger in the sports world was even greater before the IOC meeting on Tuesday than before the Rio Summer Games, for which there was only a partial exclusion of the Russians. The decision of Tuesday should hit the Russian state and will annoy Putin. The Russian colors, the Russian hymn will be missing now, when officials and politicians in Pyeongchang sit in the stands. This is a humiliation for Putin, because in the glamor of sporting success, international importance should be reflected. The more frequently the Russian anthem is played at major sporting events, the better. People in Russia are proud of the success of their athletes, they want medals in their sports. Especially in winter. Ice hockey, figure skating and biathlon – these are popular sports in the Giant Country. Since they want to see their flags blowing, they want to demonstrate superiority to the world. Maybe it does not matter if anthems and flags are missing, maybe they just call the OAR starters in Russia Russians and are defiantly happy about successes. There are still enough Russian athletes with a chance of gold at the start in Pyeongchang. The Russian state doping was ostracized on Tuesday, but has lost especially the sport. And he will continue to lose, because in a good half year is the next major event in Russia, the World Cup. The shadow that lies beyond this tournament has grown bigger with the wax-soft decision of Lausanne. He would have grown even more in a collective punishment. But with such a decision, the IOC would have shown clear edge. This chance is missed, hopefully the next will not be when the first athlete has been transferred from the "Team" OAR.


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