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  Investors in luck: Apple shares rise and rise after good quarterly figures – all-time high | News | Bit Updates
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Investors in luck: Apple shares rise and rise after good quarterly figures – all-time high | News

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Apple has continued its yearlong recovery thanks to strong iPhone demand in the final quarter, earning and implementing more than expected. For the current first quarter of the financial year, the technology group expects record sales, driven by the sales of the most expensive iPhone model in the company's history so far. That was well received by the market. The Apple share already attracted significantly in the after-hours Thursday trading. With a gain of over four percent, the papers reached a new all-time high in pre-trading on Friday at $ 175. At the US computer stock exchange Nasdaq the papers rose in the point by 3.66 per cent to the record high of 174.25 US dollar. As a result, the company's market capitalization approached $ 900 billion. At the closing bell, the papers increased by 2.61 percent to just under $ 172.50. Thus, the stock is about 50 percent more expensive than at the end of 2016 – the stock market value rose over the past ten months by $ 300 billion. For comparison: SAP – the most valuable German company – currently comes to a stock market value of the equivalent of just over 140 billion dollars.

The latest price drivers were the figures for the past financial year and the current quarter with the Christmas business. Here, Apple's sales of up to 87 billion dollars in prospect. That would be significantly more than the $ 78 billion a year ago – which was already a best value. Above all, the sale of the new iPhone X should flush a lot of money in the cash. On the launch of the phone on Friday, formed around the world again queues in front of shops of the group. In addition, Apple has brought this fall with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus three new phones on the market.

In the completed fourth quarter of September at the end of September, Apple earned nearly $ 11 billion, about 19 percent more than a year earlier. Turnover rose 12 percent to just over $ 50 billion. Analysts polled by Factset had projected a consensus of $ 1.87 per share on revenue of $ 50.69 billion. Apart from the solid numbers, Apple has also recently managed to optimize its supply chain, wrote Nomura analyst Jeffrey Kvaal in a study on Friday. He assumes that the expectations on the group will rise even more. The Japanese analysis house itself is based on twelve-month view of a target price of $ 185.

Sales of the cult smartphone rose by 2.6 percent year on year to 46.7 million devices. Demand for the iPhone, which accounts for around two-thirds of total revenue, and the increase in sales of iPad tablets and Macs, brought Apple the fourth rise in quarterly revenue and the third of quarterly earnings in a row. Sales in China, an important market for Apple, rose again for the first time since the beginning of 2016. The new smartphone models iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which came on 22 September on the shelves, sales in the final quarter, although a boost – but by no means as strong as usual. For the current quarter, Apple expects sales of 84 to 87 billion dollars, which is far more than the previous record of $ 78.35 billion in the last three months of 2016.

With the continuous bullish approach, the market value of Apple is slowly but surely approaching the $ 900 billion mark. On the basis of the closing price of regular trading on Wall Street, this figure amounts to more than $ 868 billion – already Apple is by far the most valuable company. The sharpest pursuer is the Google parent company Alphabet with 718 billion dollars.

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