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Investigations in the case Wedel: Legislative relevant – Culture

Friday, January 26th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Now Dieter Wedel has become an accused in the legal sense. The Munich public prosecutor investigates him. The basis for this is the reporting from "time". The authorities are holding back on details, but it's likely to be about the case of actress Jany Tempel. She had reproached Wedel in the report for having forced her to have sex in a hotel room in Munich in 1996. Originally, it was said that possible crimes in connection with the reporting had been barred by the expiration of 20 years since the event. Like all legal claims, the criminal claim of the state can also be time-barred according to the penalty for the respective offense. The idea behind it is that conflicts can be pacified by a long passage of time. It also seems disproportionate to pursue someone for theft after 30 years. Even a manslaughter barred. In response to cases of abuse, the law was changed. The public prosecutor's office at Wedel apparently came to a new rating. Reason is a change of law from the year 2015. In response to cases of abuse, the suspension of the statute of limitations was reorganized. People who have been victims of their youth should be able to report offenders even if they have gotten older and the crime became aware of them later. Therefore, Article 78b of the Criminal Code states that the statute of limitations for certain serious sexual offenses is suspended until the age of 30. The actress Tempel had her 30th birthday in 1999. Only since then did the statute of limitation for a suspected act from the year 1996 expire. Accordingly, it would not be barred until 2019. A forbidden retroactivity of criminal law is not there. At the time of the amendment in 2015, the incident was only 19 years back, so was not barred and was therefore still seized. In sexual assault or rape witnesses are rareAs accused of criminal proceedings, the director of course, the presumption of innocence, a human right. It is not refuted until it is convicted of an act. Whether it comes to that is open. Wedel denies the allegations. This raises a typical constellation in this context: statement is against statement. In cases of sexual assault or rape, witnesses are rare. However, this does not mean that proceedings must be terminated in accordance with the principle "in dubio pro reo", since a debt can not be proven beyond doubt. The judiciary has to clarify the facts of the time with the means at its disposal. So she can ask people who have been trusted by a potential victim a long time ago. Witnesses from earlier days have often had their say in the coverage. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to clarify a process after so long.

For Wedel, the situation has not necessarily deteriorated. Until now, there is only a so-called initial suspicion. It is a long way to the prosecution. The public prosecutor's office would have to come to the conviction that their charges can be proved by the court. If the suspicion is not confirmed, she stops the procedure. It is an official offense, the prosecution is obliged to prosecute. It is also possible that even more victims report. For Wedel, the situation has not necessarily worsened by the preliminary investigation. Between those who hold him against him and those who defend him, the state has now engaged in its role as a reconnaissance officer. That would otherwise be omitted. Wedel could also be relieved. In the foreseeable reporting processes, on the other hand, there is the question of whether the rules of suspicious reporting have been observed.


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