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Instagram has 800 million users and new comment filters

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Instagram on growth course: 800 million people are active on the platform.
                (Image: Instagram)
             Instagram continues to grow and has now 800 million active users per month – half a billion even looks through every day. Against hate comments, Instagram has released new tools.


        Instagram remains on a growth path: the image platform has 800 million monthly active members worldwide; 500 million of them are used daily. To celebrate the day, Instagram has introduced new tools to combat hate and spam comments. They should ensure that Instagram remains a "safe and positive place".


          If Instagram is mentally unstable persons on the show, the spectators can report this to the platform. It then makes the person concerned a help offer.
          (Picture: Instagram
    Restricting a comment function Users who run a public account can in the future restrict the comment function to a specific group. Then, for example, you can only comment on your own followers or all those you follow yourself. Owners of public and private accounts also have the option to block unwanted instagrams, so they can leave no comments.
In June, Instagram introduced a filter that blocked certain "offensive" comments in English. Now the filter is extended to other languages ​​- including German. The filter is to improve over time, writes Instagram boss Kevin Systrom. Furthermore, users can report live-live transmissions when they are mentally unstable. She then gets a hint: "We offer you help." For the viewers, the offer remains hidden. A team is deployed 24 hours a day worldwide, says Systrom. In order to further improve the mood on the platform, Instagram has also published colorful "friendships". You should promote the Hashtag #KindComments (nice comments).




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