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Insolvente airline: Fate of Air Berlin becomes the nerve criminar economy

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

At Air Berlin, it is now about hours rather than days. If on Friday evening the last flight with AB flight number in Tegel landed, a lot of the 8000 coworkers has no more task. You should be terminated at the weekend. How many employees can be saved from this fate is currently being negotiated intensively at two levels, which are interlinked: On the one hand, talks are taking place with potential investors who are interested in parts of the airline. At the same time, representatives from the Confederation are negotiating with countries about a financial participation in a salary company for the employees, which – as of now – has around 4,000 employees who are not part of the Lufthansa Group or another company. On Wednesday afternoon, the decision to decide whether there will be a transfer company will be decided in the Red Town Hall. For the state of Berlin, Björn Böhning, head of the Senate Chancellery, leads the talks. "We need everyone's willingness to participate in the overall costs of the transfer company. Raisinpicking will not do anything, "said the Secretary of State on the Service Day. The Senate declared its readiness to participate. Should the countries of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria also participate, "we also need the responsibility of the buyers and Air Berlin". This means that the Lufthansa Group is estimated to be worth EUR 50 million. All stakeholders would have to agree to participate in the total cost of an estimated 50 million euros, stressed Böhning. Ten million euros would cost Air Berlin into a transfer company. Bund, Berlin, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia would have to carry the rest, around 40 million. These costs cover so-called labor costs, ie social benefits and holiday allowances, which are actually payable by the employer. The funds of the Federal Agency for Labor for the qualification are still to be paid to the 50 million euro.There was no readiness at Lufthansa to take part. The Confederation also has reservations. In August, the federal government provided the insolvent airline with a credit of 150 million euros via KfW. Böhning appealed to the federal government's responsibility not to forget the workers. Participation in a transfer company should also have been discussed in the Jamaican exploratory talks. How high the financial participation of the countries would be is still open. According to the number of employees at the Air Berlin locations, 47 percent accounted for Berlin, 41 percent for North Rhine-Westphalia and the remaining twelve for Bavaria. Should there be no joint funding, Berlin alone will probably not be involved in a society, they said.

The logistics company Zeitfracht is only a ten-minute walk from the Air Berlin headquarters near Tegel Airport. Photo: Kevin P. HoffmannFrachttochter goes to Berliner Logistikfirma ZeitfrachtDerweil, there was a small success in the investor talks: for Air Berlin's subsidiary Leisure Cargo with its 60 employees a buyer is found. The Berlin-based Zeitfracht Group is taking over the Düsseldorf subsidiary company, as Air Berlin reported. The creditors' committee of the insolvent Air Berlin accordingly approved a corresponding submission of the management and the authorized representative. Leisure Cargo conveys frech space in passenger engines. Air Berlin CEO Thomas Winkelmann spoke of a "small but important step in insolvency proceedings". The purchase price has not been called.Now no decision is there about the future of engineering daughter who is also interested in time freight. Zeitfracht boss Wolfram Simon said that the negotiations of the bidding community about Air Berlin Technik would be continued with the goal to be successfully completed soon and to secure as many jobs as possible.Kritik to Mehdorn comments on the air Berlin miseryThe Berlin CDU economic politician Christian In the meantime, Gräff and transport politician Oliver Friederici warned that Lufthansa's takeover of Air Berlin would lead to a poorer connection with the capital. "For business reasons Lufthansa wants to thin out the offer. Business travelers should be given preferential treatment in the concept. Not every traveler will be able to fly at the times he was used to, "criticized the politicians. They expected "a binding commitment from Lufthansa employees" for Air Berlin, which was not taken over. "At the press conference in Berlin in September 2012, at the airport in Berlin, Hartmut Mehdorn … more … Photo: Robert Schlesinger / dpa

Politicians from the Berlin Senate and House of Representatives also responded to the statements of the former Air Berlin chief Hartmut Mehdorn, who in the Tagesspiegel interview of the politicians allocated a large part of the debt to the airline's misery. "Mr Mehdorn is fundamentally right with his criticism of Lufthansa and Berlin's national policy," said CDU-Mann Gräff. But he wondered: why the three core problems of Air Berlin – too high leasing costs, non-competitive costs of LTU pilots and "We might have had more chances for the aviation location in Berlin," said Gräff, who was hanged by Berlin and that many of his employees were on the street, and that Mr. Mehdorn was always to blame "Mehdorn, like today's Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Lufthansa and Air Berlin, should actually be a judge for this economic scandal", explained the economist of the Berlin CDU parliamentary group in the House of Representatives.Berlin's economic advisor Ramona Pop ( Greens) also responded angrily: "Mr. Mehdorn would have it in his time a the head of Air Berlin and later the airport company itself, had to take important decisions on the future. "In an interview, Mehdorn had described Berlin's transport policy as" weak and deaf. " "It's only about cyclists and the restriction of individual car traffic, but not about how to connect Berlin by long-distance train, long-distance trains, airport and waterways adequately," he criticized. "Berlin is treated like a village."


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