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init – the week's view: from Moscow to Cuba

Monday, October 16th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             A huge innovation forum in Moscow, at least two pioneering high-end smartphones, the rollout of the latest Windows versions with matching headsets and ample memories. The new week has much to offer.


        The three-day Open Innovations Forum, an event with 15,000 participants, will start in Moscow on Monday. The twelfth Social Connections in Vienna, which is a much smaller one, is starting a little smaller in Vienna, where a dedicated IBM team is once again showing how to organize a focused conference for the badly shrinked collaboration business. In addition, astrophysicists from all over the world want to announce a groundbreaking discovery at the Montagnachmittag and apparently is also around WLAN encryption WPA2 worse than thought.
Huawei and ZTE show new smartphonesIn Munich, Huawei will be presenting its newest piece, the Mate 10, in several versions on Tuesday, and is bringing together many influencers and journalists from all directions. The new smartphone uses the processor Kirin 970, which is presented to the IFA, which is particularly powerful in AI operations. This also takes Apple with the A11 processor, but Huawei thinks that are nevertheless small fish against the Kirin 970th We are strained.
On Tuesday, another, not so successful Chinese manufacturer will be on the stage. ZTE is expected to show a foldable smartphone, which houses on its inside two FullHD displays. Microsoft is launching the rollout of the "Fall Creators Update" from Windows 10. On the same day, there are the numerous mixed reality headsets, which differ only in design and have already made a positive impression at the IFA: Augmented reality with normal PCs without dedicated graphics cards ,



    init – the week's view

For more than 25 years, Volker Weber (vowe) has written for c't, iX and heise online.

Every Monday, he initializes the IT week that precedes us with a very personal overview of the most important dates, provides assessments and also some top-notch remarks.

    In Hanover, the Hannah-Arendt Days will start with the theme "Democracy 5.0", which will run until Saturday. On this 17th of October, the 111th anniversary of an unbelievable story. The shoemaker, Wilhelm Voigt, dressed himself as a chief man uniform, and commanded a small troop of soldiers, who accompanied him to Koepenick, and supported him in a robbery. Voigt was quickly seized, the Emperor showed himself amused, and afterwards gave him some of his punishment.
In 1931 the American gangster Al Capone was imprisoned for tax fraud. He could not be shown any more. On Wednesday 150 years ago, the US took over the state of Alaska, for which they had paid $ 7.2 million. This should also prove to be a bad business.
Augmented Reality instead of Mixed RealityAug Thursday, the second-day Augmented World Expo begins in Munich's MOC. We ask ourselves again why Microsoft, in addition to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, now has to make the world happy with the new concept of mixed reality. It is so simple: With VR you can see a completely computer-generated world, at our view of the environment is overlaid with artificial objects. This makes a big difference, whether one can still see the road behind the embedded speedometer.
Two years ago American researchers from the University of California found evidence that life on Earth had already begun before 4.1 billion, 300 million years earlier than previously thought. Many Americans consider this to be stupid stuff. The earth had been created about 6000 years ago and had already been populated five days later.
The three-day event FIfFKON will start on Friday in Jena, this time under the motto "Trust". I always have to look up this to avoid the correct capitalization: Forum Informatics for Peace and Social Responsibility e.V.
On Friday there are always new albums. This time, two appear: "Anthology [Movie Themes 1974-1998]" summarizes 25 years of the life of John Carpenter. With "Walk the Earth", there is a new rock album from Europe. Europe? Just click here. It's not Rickroll, but at least as bad. The work week can then be decided on Friday evening with Apfeltalk Live. Michael Reimann is probably talking to heise-online chief editor Volker Zota about the currently largest Lego set of the "Millennium Falcon", which he and c't together with heise online last Saturday live in our studio in to our knowledge world record time had mounted:

        After 10 hours, 53 minutes and 1 second the 7541-part Star Wars Millennium Falcon was assembled.
        On Sunday is the international day of the checkout button. But much more important is the 55th anniversary of a TV speech in which US President John F. Kennedy told his people that Russian missiles were stationed on Cuba. The Cuban crisis should keep the world in a breath for a week. The confrontation could be ended peacefully. Twitter has not yet existed and American presidents knew how to express themselves in whole sentences.
 (Volker Weber) /




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