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Immigration to the US: "Dreamer" lose their right of residence – Politics

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Paola Rodriguez completed the school and completed her education as a beautician. Like a million other young people in the US, the 19-year-old from Texas wants to prepare for her professional life, but Rodriguez is afraid she will be deported to Mexico in just a few months, a country she has recently seen as a five-year-old child. The young woman is one of the approximately 800,000 "dreamers" – "dreamers" – in the USA: children of illegal immigrants who came to America as minors with their parents and who were allowed to stay so far. President Donald Trump is changing this now. "I consider myself an American," said Rodriguez to TV station ABC7 in Texas. The idea of ​​being thrown out of the country is "unreal". But this could now become a reality: Trump had announced the abolition of protection for the young immigrants in the election campaign. Now the president wants to abolish the deportation protection after a transitional period. Residency permits for "Dreamers" are not to be extended from March next year; new applications will no longer be accepted. At the same time Trump calls on the Congress to find a new solution for the "Dreamers" in the coming months, which have been so named for a minor law initiative for the minor immigrants. Trump said Tuesday that the Congress should be doing its work on Twitter. With the transitional period, the president withdrew from the affair without even having to make the basic decision about the "Dreamers": He leaves the issue to the deputies and senators and washes his Hands in innocence. In doing so, he could create clarity with a pencil. His predecessor, Barack Obama, had the protection for the "Dreamers" in 2012 with a Presidential Decree, which could be lifted by Trump without parliamentary participation, as he had promised it before the election. Suddenly, Trump discovered his love for the "Dreamers." But Trump, who otherwise presents himself as a hard-hitting fighter against the illegal immigration at every opportunity, is suddenly caught on the subject of "Dreamers". The announcement of the new regulation on Tuesday, he left his Justice Minister Jeff Sessions. In the promulgation of the new plan, he threw the "Dreamers" away from US citizens. Questions from journalists did not allow sessions. Critics call Trump a coward. The face of his tough anti-immigrant campaign warfare strange defensive action has several reasons. Thus the 71-year-old admits openly that the fate of several hundred thousand innocent young people who are declared illegal immigrants and deported is close to him. He loved the "Dreamers", he said last week. A merciless expulsion of the "Dreamers", mainly from Latin America, is likely to make the efforts of Trumps Republicans around Hispanic voters more difficult.

But Trump, on the other hand, does not want to condemn his anti-immigrant core supporters. Several state attorneys in conservatively-governed federal states are trying to bring the "Dreamers" debt to justice if Trump does not abolish them. Even right-wing populist trumps, such as consultant Stephen Miller, are pushing for an end to the Bleiberecht. According to the New York Times, the President therefore asked his staff chief John Kelly to find a "way out" of his dilemma. Kelly advised him to shift the matter to Congress.

Existing conflicts within the Republicans are exacerbated. This has its price. Trumps maneuvers exacerbate existing conflicts within their republicans, which could further limit the ability of the majority party to act. Leading Republicans like Paul Ryan, President of the House of Representatives, and economic representatives demand that the "Dreamers" should not be deported. However, right-wing Republicans insist on the implementation of Trumps' electoral promises. Immigration-based hardliners are now making it clear that they will only agree to a permanent toleration of the "Dreamers" if the scheme is combined with other measures, such as the provision of budgetary resources for construction Trumps wall on the border with Mexico. The opposition democrats do not want to do this. Currently, no one knows how a consensual solution might look.


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