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id4me – Identity Management without Google, Facebook, Twitter

Monday, February 26th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    id4me should allow logging in to arbitrary services and give the user control over his data.
                (Image: domainpulse.de / DeNIC)
             Denic, 1 & 1 and Open-Xchange want to use id4me to establish an alternative domain-based single sign-on process that gives users full control over the sharing of their data. The project promotes acceptance.


        The domain administrator Denic eG, the software project Open-Xchange and the hoster 1 & 1 work on a neutral single sign-on procedure based on domain names. Users could choose their own identity providers, explained Denic developer Marcos Sanz Grossón at the Domain Pulse conference in Munich. You could also decide how much data and how long a given service provider may access. A new organization in Brussels will promote ID4me, which until recently was called DomainID or iNetID.
Privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook & Co.The single-sign-on technology makes it easier to log in to any web service with a once-in-place identity and, in the opinion of Sanz Grossón, is far too attractive for the big social media platforms interested in collecting data to leave. id4me, on the other hand, is to offer an open and privacy-friendly alternative, he explains in his presentation (PDF file).


          With id4me (here still under the predecessor name iNetID) the user controls, which online service receives how much information with the registration.
          (Picture: Univention / Open-XChange)

    id4me is designed to provide users with a simple tool that allows them to specify which online companies they want to entrust their full personal data with, who does not need the postal address, and to whom they only want to appear with a pseudonym. The access rights can also be subsequently changed or revoked. There is also a log about the access, but the user-friendly editing is still pending.
Control, Record and Open Standards Like other single sign-on products, id4me relies on the standard OpenID Connect protocol, which in turn is based on OpenID and OAuth. By linking OpenID Connect to the Domain Name System (DNS), the responsible identity provider can easily be tracked down with a simple DNS query in the background.
From the point of view of a registry like Denic or a registrar like 1 & 1, domains are an obvious anchor for single sign-on. At 1 & 1 you can imagine that as a combination of Free and Premium service. However, from a developer's point of view, it is likely that by connecting to DNS, users can choose from an unlimited number of replaceable identity providers, such as their own registrar or mail provider. Anyone who is technically savvy and owns his own domain could even insert the necessary DNS entry himself, assures Sanz.
Not-for-profit organization takes over promotionDhat id4me can prevail, but it must accept online services and retailers. The Denic and Open-Xchange developers got some resistance already at the presentation at the IETF – it should still be necessary to persuade some persuasion. To promote the concept, the three initial partners founded an emergency-for-profit organization in Brussels. Die is now looking for other comrades and invites to feedback.
The source code is available from Gitlab and Connect2id. For safety reasons, the IETF standards DNSSEC and ACME are also integrated in the ID4me concept. DNSSEC secures domains against use by phishers, ACME supports the deposit of certificates and keys in the DNS.
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