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House of Representatives Berlin: The secret service should grow – Berlin

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

With a view to extremists in the city, the CDU calls for more constitutionalists, especially to better control the Islamic scene. According to this, 25 new posts in the state secret service are necessary. The CDU explained this in the Constitutional Protection Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday – and in doing so agrees in principle with the coalition between the SPD, the Left and the Greens. This was not always the case, for left-wingers and Greens wanted to abolish the constitutional protection once, or at least significantly reduce their work. Also red-red-green pleads for new positionsNun also pleads red-red-green for the employees of currently 225 employees by 20 Professionals. According to SPD deputy Tom Schreiber, there was a "different security situation" after the attack on Breitscheidplatz last December. The 20 new posts are likely to come when the House of Representatives voted on the new budget in autumn. Andreas Geisel (SPD), an internal engineer, had been appointed by the auxiliary staff. Constitutional Secretary Bernd Palenda said on Wednesday that there are "substantial requirements" in all areas. Especially the radical Islam makes the constitution protection to create. For all the radical Islam makes the authority to create. And currently also before the administrative court. There, the association of the Dar-as-Salam mosque in Nordneukölln complains against the protection of the constitution itself. A spokesman for the office confirmed the day's level that there was a complaint to omit mentioning the Moscheeverein in the constitution protection report 2016. The report states that followers of the Muslim Brotherhood would be in contact with the "Neukölln meeting place. V. '(NBS), also known as the' Dar as-Salam Mosque '. " In addition, constitutional protection prescribes the founding of a "Fatwa Committee Germany" with more than 600 participants. The NBS had also recently taken action against the reporting in the Tagesspiegel. An offshoot of the once Egyptian Muslimbruderschaft, the terror organization of Hamas, ruled in the Gaza Strip.


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