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  Hertha BSC before home match against Freiburg: Victory or relegation battle – Sport | Bit Updates
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Hertha BSC before home match against Freiburg: Victory or relegation battle – Sport

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The neighborhood principle has undergone a change in the recent past. Neighbors are less and less the nice people next door who pour the flowers on holiday. Neighbors are the ones who throw the police on their backs at two o'clock because the music is too loud. "The best neighbor remains the one to be greeted from afar," is the name of a winged word from England. Basically, that also applies if Hertha BSC meets on Saturday afternoon in the Olympic Stadium on the table neighbors SC Freiburg. In any case, Berliners do not necessarily have the sense of rapprochement. Hertha is two points ahead of the twelfth, the sports club from Freiburg. With an away win, the Freiburg would therefore pass in the table to the Berliners. From two points backward distance would be for Hertha one forward. And not only that. If things are stupid, the lead on the relegation place could shrink to three points over the weekend. "I do not want to talk about what happens if we lose." Could, bike chain. Such considerations do not even concern Pal Dardai, the coach of the Berlin. "The team is a bit under pressure," he says. "But I do not want to talk about what happens if we lose." Against Freiburg, the Berlin have won only one of their recent five home games, but have possible horror scenarios played no role in the preparation. On Sunday, the day after his side's 1-0 defeat of Schalke 04, Dardai prophesied with conviction, "I can not imagine losing at home again. I know my team. That's good enough. "The impressions of the training week gave the Hungarians no reason to revise this opinion in any way. Last, all players are healthy The staffing situation is more relaxed than ever this season. Only Palko Dardai, the son of the coach, missing injured (torn muscle), otherwise all players are available, including Vladimir Darida, who had to pause because of a nail bed infection last. In addition, the team has demonstrated healthy reaction forces in similar situations. Whenever things started to get critical, she was able to tighten herself and put her quality on the turf. The last two home victories (against HSV and Hannover 96) reach Hertha, as it could have been narrow in a defeat down. However, the team has always kept sufficient distance to the relegation places. "At the moment we are boring," says Dardai, "not good, not bad." The Hungarian sees a clear advantage that there is a new pitch in the Olympic Stadium on which the players had to rehearse on Thursday. So Hertha can be Hertha again, playing with the ball instead of always against him. Already on Sunday, Pal Dardai said: "A good week of training – and we will win." It has become a good week of training.


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