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Henny Brenner's "The Song is Out": Liberating Inferno – Culture

Saturday, December 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The Allied air raids on Dresden between 13 and 16 February meant death for up to 25,000 people, and countless others for the loss of loved ones and their homes. For the then twenty-year-old Henny Brenner and her family, however, they meant life. Because in the midst of the blazing inferno, they could finally tear the yellow star off their clothes, for the first time in years they could "breathe deeply" and submerge themselves. It was a rescue in the literally last moment. The day before, the young woman and her mother had been ordered to be deported to concentration camps. "Only an attack can save us," reminiscent of today's 92 -year-old Henny Brenner a statement from her father, who could not have guessed how his "last desperate hope" would be fulfilled. The father, a Protestant, it was also that mother and daughter could remain so long in Dresden, together with at that time about 170 other Jewish fellow citizens (of once 6000). Because all attempts by the Nazis, by intimidation or blackmail, to induce the father to end the "mixed marriage" failed, the proud owner of a movie theater until the Nazi era was finally to find death at a front-line unit. A fate before which he received a report from the antifascist doctor (but also Eugeniker) Rainer Fetscher.Spießrutenlauf DresdenHenny Brenners memories of "a Jewish fate in Dresden" first appeared in 2001, a new edition in Wallstein Verlag makes them now thankfully again available. The son of the author, the Munich historian Michael Brenner, points in his epilogue to the special feature of this eyewitness account, which gradually emerged from oral lectures for schools: Henny Brenner was a young woman for three and a half years, almost to the end of the war, with the yellow star on the chest "as an open branded forced into a kind of gauntlet through the streets of Dresden," in front of the eyes of countless average German people. "Some people have mobbed us and spit on us," she writes about her seven-kilometer walk on foot to the factories where she had to do forced labor, first at Zeiss-Ikon for the production of time lighters for submarines, later in a cardboard factory. "Often children ran after me and shouted, 'Jew pig, Jew pig, down from the sidewalk! But I have also experienced that people have said, 'head up, stick with it!' Most, the girl from a middle-class house met day by day, but would have looked just cowardly wegwei.Widersprüche and absurdities of the Nazi everyday It is, of course Brenner's eye for the contradictions and absurdities of the Nazi everyday life, especially in the early years, makes their memories worth reading: whether it is the moment when her new biology teacher with her blue eyes and blond curls in Rassekundeunterricht as an example of a typical Aryan girl brought forward, or whether the author recalls the feeling of exclusion that she felt when all non-Jewish classmates in the morning the teacher "Heil Hitler!" roared while she and the other Jewish students silently stood by. In spite of the horror Henny Brenner remembers but also in detail to "exhilarating episodes", even in forced labor, to which probably au The meeting with a "scattered professor" is to be counted, who regularly forgot with aviator alarm to take his teeth with in the air-raid shelter: Victor Klemperer, to whose diary records Henny Brenner's narrow memories represent an impressive side piece.


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