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  #heiseshow. live from 12 o'clock: Music in the net – brings streaming out for song downloads? | Bit Updates
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#heiseshow. live from 12 o'clock: Music in the net – brings streaming out for song downloads?

Thursday, December 14th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             Music in and out of the net is changing. Streaming is booming. Downloads go back. Artists complain about lack of revenue, the music industry is confident. What is waiting for us in the network, we discuss in a new #heiseshow.


        Streaming of music on the net is booming, streams and sales are rising rapidly. Some already see the end for the download of songs come: The rumors persist that Apple wants to stop using its iTunes service for music downlaid – for years there are declining download numbers. Instead, Apple is probably full on its streaming service Apple Music.
But the boom in streaming does not mean that it will do good business. Musicians complain over and over again, how little falls for them in revenue streaming, even top stars would probably have difficulties, only with streaming their lives. For the music industry, however, the streaming revenue is now a pretty big chunk in their balance sheet. In the streaming services themselves, the competition is large, so that all just calculate – and generally losses.
And the users? For the streaming is of course very practical for once. Millions of songs always in direct access, and even the most unusual musical taste is usually served sufficiently. Even restrictions on the volume of data in mobile communications are no longer a reason for many users to forego music streaming. And in most home music systems, many services have long been integrated. But purists often complain about poor quality or too low bitrate of the compressed streamed songs. In addition: If the subscription ends, the music is gone, unlike the purchased and downloaded music.
What is waiting for us in the music on the net, as the situation for the users and with what we have to expect in the future, discusses Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri) from the newsroom of heise online with Sven Hansen of c't and Immo Junghärtchen by Mac & i. And of course with the addition of #heiseshow.


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