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  Headwind for Nahles as provisional SPD chairman | News | Bit Updates
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Headwind for Nahles as provisional SPD chairman | News

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

– by Thorsten SeverinBerlin (Reuters) – The SPD leadership is looking for a way to bring peace to the party after the personnel debates of the past few days. In Berlin's Willy-Brandt-Haus, the leaders of the party met on Tuesday afternoon. The meeting was accompanied by massive internal criticism of a change at the top without base participation. The state associations in Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein turned against the fact that faction leader Andrea Nahles provisionally party leader. Instead, they want a deputy party leader Martin Schulz to take over the presidency until a party congress. Flensburg Mayor Simone Lange announced her opposition to Nahles at the next party congress. Schulz had announced after the conclusion of the coalition agreement with the Union last week, he wanted to give after the SPD member vote on a grand coalition chairmanship of Nahles and foreign minister. However, he gave up his ambitions for the Foreign Office a few days later after heavy pressure from the party. One possibility is now that Nahles takes over the leadership on Tuesday until a party conference in order to ensure the ability of the SPD to act. This ignites the criticism. The party-minded Hilde Mattheis demanded an orderly and transparent procedure. In the party is discussed about whether the chairperson should be determined by primary vote. The SPD Berlin said it supported Nahles' candidacy. Kommissarisch but a vice should take over the office until Nahles could be elected at a party congress. Also the state party council of the SPD Schleswig-Holstein spoke out against a provisional solution, "which determines a choice in the context of an extraordinary federal party day". Lord Mayor Lange justified her candidacy for the party presidency by saying that the office was of far-reaching importance and that the occupation should not be determined internally by a small group. "A single candidacy, which is decided by functionaries and waved through without much discussion, can not be a sign of an upswing or a fresh start," wrote the 41-year-old to the Board. At "tagesschau24" she pleaded for a modernization of the party and an opening for new ideas. NO SPECIFIED SUCCESSIONS The SPD's Organizational Statute merely states that the election of the party executive committee takes place through the party congress. There is no passage that regulates what must happen after the resignation of the party leader. The constitutional lawyer Jörn Ipsen told the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" that the procedure targeted by the SPD would clearly be a violation of the party's statute and the party law. According to the party law, the executive committee is elected by a party congress. But Nahles does not belong to the presidency or the executive committee. "Your appointment as acting chairman would be invalid." The chairman of the Association of Social Democratic Lawyers, Harald Baumann-Hasske, said the "world", for a provisional takeover of the presidency "by statute no basis" .SPD vice-president Manuela Schwesig said in the "Rheinische Post" nonetheless that Nahles provisionally takes the lead. The faction leader was a strong personality with a lot of experience. Shortly before the committee meetings Schwesig demanded clarity from the SPD leadership. "We have to leave this chaos days behind us." Stegner also demanded an end to the personnel debate. "Each of us is well advised to put the interest of the party and the country over their own ambitions," he told the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung." "Stop indiscipline in the SPD." SPD Vice-Chancellor Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel described it as an urgent task to create a capacity for action. The "unsortedness at the federal level" must be resolved, he said on Deutschlandfunk. The parliamentary executive director of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, said on ZDF that he would campaign for Nahles to become "the center of the SPD and also take over the party chairmanship". In addition, there are demands not to announce the SPD ministerial list for a grand coalition until after the membership decision. Schwesig said, however, that the SPD would not speak about the government staff until the poll showed a majority for a renewed grand coalition. The result will be published on March 4th.


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