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  He warned of the climate catastrophe and loved the bombs – for the 110th birthday of Edward Teller | Bit Updates
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He warned of the climate catastrophe and loved the bombs – for the 110th birthday of Edward Teller

Monday, January 15th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

            Edward Teller
                (Picture: public domain, Wikipedia)
             Edward Teller was born 110 years ago. 59 years ago, he warned about carbon dioxide emissions at the 100-year celebration of the US oil industry before climate change.


        The Hungarian-American physicist Edward Teller, who was born on January 15, 110 years ago, is considered the prototype of the scientific technocrat. The plate, often referred to as the "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb", championed the use of atomic energy throughout his life, especially in times of crisis and war.
So he designed for the then US President Ronald Reagan, the "strategic defense initiative", which should be underpinned by the Soviet Union. In 1991 he was the first to receive the Ig Nobel Prize for his "lifelong commitment to change the meaning of 'peace' in a sustainable way". As a science historian discovered, Edward Teller warned of the effects of climate change at the 100th anniversary of the oil industry, of course to promote "clean" nuclear energy.
From Chemistry to PhysicsEdward Teller was born on 15 January 1908 in Budapest, the son of a Hungarian lawyer and a German pianist. He was to study chemistry according to his father's will and enrolled at the University of Karlsruhe. There he soon switched to physics and mathematics to explore the then new world of quantum physics. In 1928 he received his doctorate with Werner Heisenberg with a quantum mechanical work on the hydrogen molecule.
As a Hungarian citizen, the Jewish academic was able to flee first to Denmark, then to the United States when the National Socialists introduced German physics. There, Teller became part of the scientific community, largely Jewish physicists who developed the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos. At an early stage Teller discussed with Enrico Fermi and especially with Stanisław Ulam the concept of a super fusion bomb, later called a hydrogen bomb.
"Balance of survival" After the Second World War, Teller initially worked as a professor, but returned to the ignition of the first Russian atomic bomb to Los Alamos back to work on the hydrogen bomb. With her, he enrolled in the history of physics and immediately added a particularly dark chapter, the denunciation of his colleague Robert Oppenheimer before the Committee on Un-American Activities. Oppenheimer was one of those who argued for arms control of nuclear weapons, a limitation unimaginable to plates.
Into old age, the man who loved the bomb defended his idea that nuclear weapons, such as the neutron bomb, are the better weapon in the "balance of survival." In times when politicians like Kim Jong-Il and Donald Trump miss the size of their atomic buttons, we may recall Edward Teller's stunned expression of his war-opponents (from minute 42):


 (Detlef Borchers) /




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