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Hamburg port tests next mobile radio standard 5G |

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

HAMBURG (dpa-AFX) – From the beginning of 2018, the next mobile radio standard 5G will be tested in the port of Hamburg. Traffic lights and locks are to be controlled, and data on air quality or wind speed in real-time via bar sensors can be determined, as a spokesman for the HPA port authority explained on Wednesday. It is a field trial, port operators or people in the port will not be able to use the application. "We are given the opportunity to implement secure, fast and future-oriented applications for the port with a network-to-network technology, and even more, Hamburg is the world standard for 5G," reports HPA – Chief Jens Meier. Through the two-year test, the port is gaining a technological edge. The EU had raised a total of 7.7 million euros. The use of tourism in Venice is to be tested. 5G is supposed to transport data many times faster than LTE.5G is an alternative to the fiber optic network, "which allows us to connect critical applications via radio, such as the control of a lock," said Meyer. The emergency button msse can be triggered by radio, the HPA speaker explained. Necessary for the test are two transmission systems on the Hamburg TV tower and two, three smaller antennas in the port, which are soon to be installed. / Akp/DP/tos


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