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  Green Week in Berlin: And how green is Brandenburg? – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Green Week in Berlin: And how green is Brandenburg? – Berlin

Monday, January 22nd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

How green is Brandenburg? It is abundant. Answers are in the Statistical Yearbook. The mark covers 29,654 square kilometers, 25,530 are recorded as vegetation. One third of the country is forest, almost half arable land. Then the protected areas: all because of one who first made green policy, but never wanted to become greener. Matthias Platzeck, Minister of the Environment from 1990 to 1998, left the green legacy: eleven nature parks, three biosphere reserves, the Lower Oder Valley National Park. Oh yes, Platzeck. For Alliance 90, political back-up arm of GDR oppositionists, he launched. But in 1993 he did not want to merge with the Greens from the West and became red, SPD comrade. The Brandenburger Greens are really only in the bacon belt, Berlin radiates. With the trippers in the green anyway. "Märkische Heide, Mark Brandenburg" They appreciate the peace, the Brandenburgers marvel, how the Berlin green wonder about the natural wonders of the Mark. The mossy illegal garbage dumps, the deserts of brown coal mining in the south aside, that's jwd. The farmers do not even produce enough green organic goods for the Berlin customers. Also the national anthem "Märkische Heide, march sand" does not give much. Clear, red eagle, meadows, dark forests, marsh, sand, but only once "green birches" in the meadow. Anyway, the hymn has a brown tint, for the composer it was a "song of the national socialist uprising". The biggest failure is also on the green field: the airport BER, so the construction site of it, in Schoenefeld. Now everyone is waiting: on the green light for the start.


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