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  Gold price in focus: CoT-Report: Gold – Continued buy-up at the futures markets Notice | Bit Updates
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Gold price in focus: CoT-Report: Gold – Continued buy-up at the futures markets Notice

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

by Jrg BernhardAuch the general interest in gold futures (open interest), expressed in the number of open contracts, is in the upwind. In the week ending September 12, an increase of 566,817 to 580,606 contracts (+2.4 percent) had been recorded. The cumulative net long position (optimistic market expectation) of large and small speculators also tended higher, rising to 272,098 contracts (+2.4 percent) on week-week from 261,807. This was mainly attributable to non-commercial transactions, the net long position of which rose sharply from 245,298 to 254,760 futures (+3.9 percent). At the net long position of the non-reportables, an increase of 16,509 to 17,338 contracts (+ 5%) was registered in the same period.

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Despite the new records of the Dow Jones and S & P 500, the gold price remains relatively stable above the mark of 1,300 dollars. The new North Korean missile committee in the direction of Japan and the USA provides the best proof that an investment in gold continues to make sense in uncertain times. Especially interesting. The weekly loss of crypto Bitcoin of 12 per cent has impressively demonstrated that a safe port should not show too great price fluctuations. In Euro, the 250-day volatility of Bitcoin is currently trading the comparable risk indicator of gold by a factor of 5.5. Anyone who wants to run asset protection in uncertain times can certainly sleep better than a bitcoin investor as a gold owner.
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