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GMX and Web.de provide encrypted cloud storage

Monday, November 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

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             GMX and Web.de customers can now encrypt their files in the cloud. The use is free and the operation is quite simple. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, third parties have no access to the data.


        GMX and Web.de are expanding their "Cloud made in Germany" with end-to-end encryption. The 30 million customers of the two e-mail providers can store sensitive data "without expert knowledge" in a special vault folder in their cloud storage. The encryption prevents access by third parties – even GMX and Web.de see only an endless string.
The use of the safe is free; The free accounts offer 2 GB of cloud storage, which can be expanded for up to 1TB for free. Synchronization is possible between Windows PCs and the cloud, and there are also apps for Android and iOS for mobile access. After installation, the vault locks as a new drive.
Easy to set up and operateThe users do not have to deal with "encryption settings, key management or access rights," the providers promise. During installation, the user only needs to set a password for his vault, which will then locally encrypt the files. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bits. Only after local encryption does the software transfer the vault to the cloud.


          An infographic explains how the new data vault of GMX and Web.de works: The files are encrypted locally and only then transferred to the cloud.
          (Picture: Web.de
    For the implementation of the vault solution with end-to-end encryption, GMX and Web.de cooperate with Skymatic. The small company near Bonn develops with Cryptomator a free encryption solution whose entire source code is openly accessible. In addition, the crypto used is exemplary documented. Cryptomator is quite easy to use and works in principle with all cloud storage services. On each machine that should access the encrypted vault, Cryptomator must be installed. The software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. GMX and Web.de use a specially adapted version of the cryptomatos.
"Cloud made in Germany" GMX and Web.de want to stand out from their competitors in the USA with strict data protection. The files are stored exclusively on German servers, the providers assure. They are subject to German data protection. The data transport routes are automatically encrypted. In summer 2015 GMX and Web.de started the end-to-end encryption for e-mails. Even then the c't noticed the simple operation.



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