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Glosse: 39 days for a package within Berlin – Berlin

Sunday, January 28th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The girlfriend is a pearl. When she plans, it works. Therefore, she gave up the Christmas package for her two godchildren in Prenzlauer Berg already on 16 December. In Schöneberg. Google Maps indicates 7.1 kilometers for the route, ie 7100 meters. Christmas, the children waited in vain, fortunately, they are no longer small and know a lot about disappointment. Not only Christmas, the new year also went into the country. With each passing day the hope faded, on 15 January the question "Is the package arrived?" Became the winged phrase. But the postal delivery ways are miraculous: On Wednesday, January 24, it was suddenly there, the package. It looked as if a reindeer had stepped on it. Lädiert and somehow annoyed. Some of the Schokoweihnachtsmen seemed nibbled. But it had arrived! After 39 days. If you put up with an eight-hour day, that's almost 23 meters per hour. Just decelerate. Just like some Berliners who are just now breaking up with their Christmas trees. The BSR has developed an online form for everyone and everyone else: "Christmas tree discoverer". Simply enter where a needle part is located – it will be picked up. By car. I believe.


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