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Generational Change in Germany: Take Young Politicians Seriously – Opinion

Monday, January 22nd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Everyone talks about them, they all want them and the future of some parties depends solely on them: renewal. A term central to a time when politics remains in old structures, knowing that they are not working anymore. But then young renovators are at the door and make noise, ready to turn everything upside down and turn around, what happens to them in public too often happens: they are laughed at. They do not take them seriously. "Kevin very big" or "SPD milk face rehearsed in the football club uprising," are the headlines about the Juso chairman Kevin Kühnert, 28 years old, at Tagesschau and "Bild". Kühnert, whom Maybrit Illner occasionally called Kleinert in their talk show. Unknown new. What the hell. "Very excited girl from the Jusos gets more applause than Martin Schulz," meanwhile twittert Peter Huth, editor-in-chief of the "Welt am Sonntag" and refers to Annika Klose, 25 years old, fully employed and state chairman of the Jusos Berlin.Milchgesicht, politicians, girls , Politician, the borders seem fluent. Of a reality in which the U-30 generation naturally belongs to politics, the country is far away. The fact that Sandra Maischberger as a German journalist asks the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (31) in an interview whether he has a student ID fits into this picture. The average member is 49.4 yearsThe discourse reflects the reality sitting in the Bundestag. A reality in which politics is old. The average deputy is today 49.4 years old, only 12 of the 709 politicians are under 30. Parliament, old, predominantly male looking young, dynamic, like female, that would be a legitimate ad. But the announcement is missing. Instead, the already established ones try to strengthen themselves by talking down on subsequent generations. Alexander Dobrindt speaks of the "Dwarf Rebellion", Julia Klöckner emphasizes that also the Junge Union has "a little freedom" and a republic looks completely surprised at the jusos, who are suddenly involved in the action. How important this involvement is, shows the now becoming visible Generation dispute within the SPD. A dispute that shows us as a lesson of democracy, how different positions meet and controversial arguments. This shows that, of course, the under-30s are also serious and are anything but children who let off steam in the political playground. It is not age and tie that make good statecraft. Democracy lives where debates arise. Debates are created through diversity. And diversity brings the boys into an aging policy operation. The accompanying renewal of oneself would not be bad for the parties. It is time.


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