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Gabriel criticizes Iran's rocket test – and defends nuclear treaties News

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

WOLFENBTTEL (dpa-AFX) – Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has criticized the alleged Iranian rocket test, but at the same time defended the nuclear agreement with Tehran. The test of a medium-range missile, should be appropriate reports, "no wise action", Gabriel said on Saturday in Wolfenbttel. "We need relaxation and not mutual oppression," emphasized the SPD politician. Despite American threats, Iran has, according to own data, a medium-range missile with 2000 kilometers range tested. The news agency Tasnim published a video of the test, which should have been successful, on Saturday. Gabriel said that Germany and Europe were still prepared to maintain the nuclear agreements rejected by US President Donald Trump. Iran has so far strictly adhered to the obligations under the Treaty. The rocket test, however, violates another resolution of the UN Security Council. Like the US, Germany is also completely dissatisfied with the role of Iran in the Middle East. "But it will not be better if Iran is also developing an atomic bomb." It would also be a bad example for North Korea to sign the agreement with Tehran. "Why should the North Koreans come to the negotiating table?" On the other hand, the economic pressure on the North Korea is increasing, while on the other hand diplomatic talks can be used. "North Korea is a real danger not only for the region, but when the school is doing, many other countries in the world will also begin to procure nuclear weapons." / Tl / DP / zb


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