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  Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule: BVV demands snack car for high school students – districts – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule: BVV demands snack car for high school students – districts – Berlin

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

In several points it was about problems at Spandau schools. After letters from parent representatives and pupils' spokesmen about the catastrophic food supply at the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium, which was only provisionally provided by parents, the district deputies approved a CDU application, which commissioned the district office, until the mensabau planned for 2022, for a solution, for example by providing it Problems of the Ritterfeld elementary school soon to be solved? According to mayor Helmut Kleebank (SPD), the catastrophic conditions at the Kladower Ritterfeld elementary school are about to end. Not only was the heating system defective there for a long time, but after a fire over the ventilation, it also kept getting ash into the gym, where it stank of diesel again and again. Meanwhile, the new control of the heating system works, the lines were cleaned again, pollutants were not detected in the ashes and an exhaust pipe was extended, so the local politician. After the winter holidays, everything should be in the green again if it succeeds to find a roofing company, which renews a defective roof window until then. They are currently overloaded with the removal of storm damage. Political dispute over community schools A violent dispute arose around the B. Traven Community School, which is currently classed as a school experiment. It does not yet have its own catchment area. The new basic level is currently attended by only 19 children, for the coming school year, there are only ten applications. While the CDU sees this as proof that the model of the community school sponsored by the SPD has failed, Helmut Kleebank vehemently put himself ahead of the project. In general, this form of educational institutions in Berlin is a success, the problem of the Spandau school is, among other things, the previous absence of a gymnasiale upper school. The offer will become established, it is "unbearable" to talk badly about a school, whose teachers do a "good job" and parents want "the best for their children".

The Greens were amazed that between January 2016 and June 1027 in Spandau there were only 38 car parked cars on bike or footpaths, although in both years together more than 2000 corresponding charging procedures were initiated. According to the responsible city council Stephan Machulik (SPD) fall also but vehicles that parked for example on bus lanes or were implemented at the instigation of the police. A case-related statistics is not led by the district regulatory office.AfD wants to block Brandenburg bees Kururios an application by the AfD, Brandenburg bees to prevent it, the Spandau honey producers dispute the feed. Due to the good food supply, more and more beekeepers from the surrounding area with their peoples would move to Berlin and provide food competition with limited resources. While the CDU and the Greens emphasized that there should be no "upper limits for foreign bees" in Spandau, the competent technical committees are now to deal with the topic. Demanding EU funding for free Wi-Fi Adoption of FDP's request for Spandau to seek funding from the European Parliament's WIFI4EU program for free high-speed wireless LAN in public places. The SPD withdrew initial concerns regarding a possible municipal equity contribution, now the district office should examine the possibilities. In a personal statement Helmut Kleebank, the deputy leader of CDU parliamentary group Thorsten Schatz, accused Helmut Kleebank of a delay in responding to demands of the BVV Obstruct the work of the district councilors. The mayor acts as an interface between the BVV and the district office. Schatz had asked for an inquiry into a file of the Public Order Office, which according to his information was only to be granted on the last day of the time limit, which was too short a time for him. According to Schatz, 17 questions from all political groups are still unanswered despite expired deadlines, the oldest of which has already been on 24 April 2017. +++ Always on Tuesdays – our Spandau Newsletter from the Tagesspiegel. You can order it for free at www.tagesspiegel.de/people


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