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  Four-year-long coalition: a lot has been achieved – and much sleepy – politics | Bit Updates
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Four-year-long coalition: a lot has been achieved – and much sleepy – politics

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Sigmar Gabriel had promised "a contract for the people" and Angela Merkel even said that "it should be better for all 2017 than today". That's almost four years ago. Now there is election campaign again and everyone praises himself to the extent that he blames the political opponent. The coalition's achievements are becoming blurred, that is, they have not promised us much, just before Christmas 2013, the Chancellor and her vice-president from the SPD. It is not only good for this country and its people after the third great coalition in German history. All in all, we feel better than we expected in 2013. But is such a finding of satisfaction really enough to put the last four years of the government in the right light? First of all, yes, of course, it was time to provide for social equality. The people were still affected by the social consequences of a profound reform of the labor market, the financial crisis and the almost collapse of their savings, as well as four years of black and yellow chaos. Not a few feared their small prosperity. Today, it is almost forgotten to slip off the lower wage groups into the groundless, the concern of many, despite work in poverty. It was time to provide for social balance. Union and the SPD introduced the minimum wage, despite the great fears of small businesses in particular, before the bankruptcy of the state. Today, there are record employment and historically low unemployment rates. And the minimum wage is generally accepted. That should not be said. There were steps in the right direction as well as the introduction of pension at age 63, pension points for older women who have raised children, improving care services and the rental brake. Over "expensive choice gifts" can only complain about who is in the attic and the prices of old-age care (still) does not know. This may not all be sufficient, ineffective, or too far-reaching. But there were steps in the right direction. The great coalition, which also likes to be ignored in the heat of the election campaign, also ensured the complicated reorganization of the federal financial relations. Although hardly anyone understands, it makes sure that mayor in the future not only getting new tasks from Berlin, but also the money to meet them. And not to forget the management of a refugee move of unimagined proportions, new asylum rules and a complete revision of the security laws in a deeply insecure society. Can this government be really denied the fact that in these four years it has ruled us all well? Probably not.

Deficits in digitization and modernization of infrastructure No, sexy is not. With penny points, excel spreadsheets and danger files, you can not win any future prices. Digitization has simply overshadowed three responsible ministries. There was too little talk about the noise and the modern infrastructure. And the energy-efficient and modern transport systems have also been managed more than designed. Much small, semi-hard worked. One knows this from the real life: When the big ones give the tact and the little ones are too weak to make them legs, the wheel rotates slower and slower – and now, when it's over, you know : But now dalli. It can not go on as slowly as ever.

The voters can always win a lot of big alliances. So, in the future, best rule us by the turmoil of foreign affairs and the desires and necessities of domestic policy? Black-green, black-yellow, Jamaica or again Angela Merkels Groko? The experts continually warn against stagnation, strengthening the political margins, harming democracy. But the voters, which are important, can still win a lot of the big alliances. They appreciate the balance and safety more than any experiment.


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