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  Football Bundesliga: Thanks, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang! – Sports | Bit Updates
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Football Bundesliga: Thanks, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang! – Sports

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Cando? Do you know! This is the dog of Jupp Heynckes, which should therefore be known, because it was widely spread that said Cando without his in Munich at the FC Bayern relatives in Fischeln near Mönchengladbach. Sad! Do not just find dog owners. Sadder is only that everyone is interested in Cando and not for the Bundesliga coach and footballer. Where did the Baslers, Effenbergs or Marcelinhos come from? Footballers, who were reliably known not only during the winter break, where they invested their millions privately. Anyway, as a loyal football fan you will miss a few "sloppy geniuses", "party kings" and "divas". In winter only winter sports can not be program-filling. And it does not have to be like George Best, who cares for a change. Best, a small nihilist, gave the fans the following sentence: "I spent a lot of money on alcohol, women and fast cars, the rest I just missed." But because Kevin Grosskreutz is no longer an elite kicker, is already the BVB striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as extravagant. For a smart coat, he jetties to Milan, or he can have splendid patterns shaved into his hair. And as currently reported from the BVB training camp, relatives of Aubameyang stay at the team hotel (which the club had approved, though). Too much of the good? Does the Gabonese finally have to be reprimanded? Do the extra sausages have to be canceled? Better not. Then the Bundesligashow would also take the last shine. Aubameyang is one of the last world class footballers to bring a bit of circus to the city. He is not a bird of paradise either. He does not smoke, does not drink alcohol. For this he has scored 31 Bundesliga goals in the past season and in this 13 so far. So the extra sausages Aubameyang has earned. Like Cando.


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