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  Foosball in the Bundeswehr Camp: With a Kick from Berlin to Mali – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Foosball in the Bundeswehr Camp: With a Kick from Berlin to Mali – Berlin

Monday, March 5th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Well, the number with the wrist, he will finish them off right at the beginning. Many hobby table footballers find themselves supercool, if they turn the handles of the rods from the wrist and popping the balls. But is nonsense, "from the wrist you hardly play today," says Raphael Hampel. Good, amateur footballer already, experts like him but not.Hampel is Junior World Champion of 2017 with the national team, he is the captain of the team, of course, he plays a very different technique. One like him, they will marvel at training in the malaria bar and in the gecko bar, as if David Copperfield would perform magic tricks there.Kickern to loosen up the serviceMalaria bar, Gecko bar – these recreational areas are in the Bundeswehr camp in Koulikoro, in the south of Mali. Hundreds of Bundeswehr soldiers are stationed there, they have baptized the bars so, they train members of the army of Mali for the fight against Islamists. An international mission, 27 European countries are responsible for training there. Then there is the Camp Castor in Gao, in the north of Mali, where Bundeswehr soldiers are stationed too.Hampel will play in both bases, shortly (the exact departure date is secret) he flies to Mali, in his very own mission. The 18-year-old world-class table footballer should beautify the Bundeswehr soldiers for a week everyday life. Kickers at a high level for the relaxation of the service. But no one simply flies so quickly to Mali in a Bundeswehr camp. Engelbert Diegmann has threaded the whole thing, youth guard of the German Table Football Association, but above all chairman of the association "So much joy". The association provides football tables in pediatric ward of hospitals, it provides colorful moments in the often soul-dreary everyday life of children with cancer and heart disease. Raphael Hampel is working for the club, for example in the cystic fibrosis department of the Virchow-Klinikum in Wedding. It is part of his Federal Volunteer Service (Bufdi). Diegmann had made as a club boss the connection to the Bundeswehr, he was months ago in Mali, then with Thomas Haas, individual world champion in the men and Bufdi as Hampel.Jetzt he flies back, but this time with Hampel. They also bring three kicker tables with them. Two are set up in Koulikoro, one at Bamako airport, so that the German soldiers will not be so bored waiting for the return flight to Germany. There are already six tables in Gao. Diegmann had brought that on his recent trip to Mali.

Koulikoro trains in the malaria and gecko bars. "In the beginning," says Hampel, "I show shots, that's the most fun." The "pin shot" for example, a hard, fast shot, very variable, not easy to learn. And the "jet", where the figure rotates once. "The most common shot, easiest to learn, almost faster than the pin shot, but not quite as variable." That's what experts say, who stood at the table for two or three hours a day at the start of their careers. World-class player Hampel, who plays in the league for the team Bears Berlin, is now so good technically that he gets by with an hour of pure table training; He now focuses mainly on the video analysis and mental aspects of the game. But Mali is all about basics. And for the fun. "Down there, it's pretty safe" For three months, the 18-year-old knows that he will fly to Mali, he has read in the subject, he has been tracking what the soldiers in the African country afford. And of course he knows that the whole story is not without danger. "I have some respect," he says. But he also hears what Diegmann has assured him. "Down there, it's pretty safe." In addition, as Hampel has also heard, "the food should be just fine." And, of course, "it is a very special experience". As a Bufdi, he plays with children with children with cancer or with children in wheelchairs, he also plays in Rudow in a facility for traumatized children. "But playing with soldiers is something else. This is new to me. "He will show them how a professional builds cover when the opponent has the ball on his defenders. He will also demonstrate how the ball must lie so that you can shoot it optimally. Hampel can shoot so fast that you can only see the ball again when he has long ago bounced back from the gate. The whole thing is of course also preparation for the respective peak in the camps: an international tournament. At the end of August, Hampel will finish his Bufdi time. But before that is yet another assignment abroad: In June, he flies with Diegmann to Afghanistan, including in Bundeswehr camps. Not without additional luggage: you have four football tables with you.


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