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  Florida: Several Dead After Shootout at US School – World | Bit Updates
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Florida: Several Dead After Shootout at US School – World

Thursday, February 15th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

At a school in Parkland, FL, deadly shots were fired on Wednesday. There have been several deaths, said Broward County sheriff, Scott Israel. At first, he did not name an exact number of fatalities. In addition, several people were injured brought to hospitals. The perpetrators are caught, said Israel. He had himself arrested without resistance. On social networks, there were pictures showing a man being handcuffed by policemen: "This is not a student currently in school," Israel emphasized. However, it was checked whether the 18-year-old man had been at the school earlier. There are no signs of further suspects, Israel said. According to media reports, police in Parkland – about 75 kilometers north of the metropolis of Miami – spent hours looking for the shooter. Forces of several police units were in use. At the school some terrible scenes took place. TV pictures showed rescue workers transporting injured persons on carrying to ambulances. "It's chaotic," wrote Sheriff Israel on Twitter. White House Daily Press Conference canceledMany of the students left school unhurt. The student groups were accompanied by armed policemen. Eyewitnesses reported that "a lot of blood" had been seen in the high school schoolhouse. At the edge of the spacious enclosure, parents were full of concern for their children. The school is attended by students from the age of nine to twelve, it is regarded as respected. Many students wrote text messages to their parents from the school building and asked for advice because they heard shots. US President Donald Trump, according to the White House, was briefed on the situation in Florida. "Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected," it said in a statement. The White House canceled Florida's annual press conference with government spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. The incident in Florida is the 19th firearms incident at a US school in the current year of 2018. Only three weeks ago there were two in Kentucky Student killed by bullets. The government and parliament have so far rejected calls for tightening gun laws. The Republican-ruled Florida is one of the states with rather lax arms laws. (AP)


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