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  "Fleet Away": Continue search for Niki investor – Lauda attacks Lufthansa | News | Bit Updates
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"Fleet Away": Continue search for Niki investor – Lauda attacks Lufthansa | News

Sunday, December 17th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

To possible new bidders for the Austrian airline – once a daughter of the also bankrupt Air Berlin – made the office of the insolvency administrator at the weekend, no information. Meanwhile Lauda announced tough against the German market leader: He threw the Lufthansa schrfer. to block the return of initially taken over jets, in order to be able to strike favorably in the new assignment of take-off and landing rights. The group had this decided back. Niki had mid-week, the flight operations set after Lufthansa Lufthansa had canceled the hitherto planned takeover of the airline after concerns of the European Commission because of the competitive situation in the air transport. Numerous holidaymakers have since been trying to get home with other suppliers in time for Christmas or to their resorts. For Niki are under pressure to find new prospects, the deadline continued over the weekend. In addition to Ryanair and the Thomas Cook Condor line is the former racer Lauda in the game. The Austrians sees his chances but now dwindling – and this justifies the unfair in his view of the behavior of Lufthansa after their back. The group had taken over rights to Niki jets from leasing companies, but now they no longer want because of the attitude of Brussels. The "Bild am Sonntag" said Lauda, ​​the Lufthansa refuses to release the machines. If there is no new investor, valuable "slots" for launches and landings at airports could be reassigned. "This is a transparent game," said Lauda. "Lufthansa wants to destroy Niki." He expressed similar views in the "Handelsblatt" and in the Austrian newspaper "Kurier". Lufthansa emphatically denied such a tactic. It was clear that the EU Commission had already allowed her to acquire Niki jets during the test phase – for the sake of maintaining flight operations. Only if this had not been approved by Lufthansa, it had been agreed that purchased or leased aircraft would have to be made available to a purchaser "at market conditions." Of course, the Lufthansa Group will comply with them She has already told Air Berlin and Niki. "Lauda, ​​who quit Niki in 2011, wants to set his actions until the beginning of next week, as soon as he has all the data of the insolvency administrator. The company Zeitfracht, which is also said to have an interest in Niki, did not want to continue on the weekend. Other airlines had offered to retrieve up to 40,000 sat-down passengers with their own machines – some for free, some with discounts. Many customers have good prospects of refunding their tickets. "The owners of the 200,000 tickets purchased directly from Niki – assuming they purchased their tickets after the application for bankruptcy from Air Berlin in mid-August 2017 – are likely to receive full reimbursement of the travel price," according to the insolvency administration. For lump-sum vacationers, travel groups have to take care of replacement. However, it is still unclear what exactly the loan from the state-sponsored KfW would have to Air Berlin, which the federal government had been spending. The German Federal Ministry of Economics reaffirmed its assessment on Sunday that the loan could only be partly repaid. Because the already calculated proceeds from the unexpectedly burst Niki sales were missing now. However, reports from Minister Brigitte Zypries (SPD) dismissed reports that only half of the loan could be lent to the state. /jap/DP/jha
BERLIN / VIENNA (dpa-AFX) Image sources: Nufa Qaiesz / Shutterstock.com


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