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Firefox 60 should understand group policies

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    The headquarters of Firefox developer Mozilla in San Francisco.
                (Photo: dpa, Andrei Sokolov)
             Firefox 60 will be released in May 2018 as Extended Support Release. Already in December it was announced that the browser can read guidelines from a JSON file. Now the developers are working on supporting Group Policy.


        The Firefox developers have listened to requests from the Windows administrators and are working to include Group Policy support for Firefox 60. Administrators no longer need to rely on third-party Firefox customizations.
By the end of 2017, Firefox responded to the long-standing calls from administrators who demanded centralized management of the browser by announcing that they would integrate a policy engine in Firefox that reads the configuration from a JSON file. According to Mozilla's plans, the admins should put the configuration file with a distribution method of their choice in the program folder. Windows domain administrators were disappointed – they had hoped to be able to control Firefox, similar to Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer through Group Policy.

Development without announcement


As bug 1433136, the GPO support was submitted a month ago and has since been optimized. However, Mozilla has not officially announced the function and has not yet adapted the wiki, but the code has already been developed. It does not replace the JSON-based policy engine, but builds on it. The associated ADMX templates are on GitHub and show what will be adjustable. Features include, but are not limited to, home pages, how to use cookies, updates, flash and addons.
Firefox 60 is expected in May 2018 and will receive 54 weeks of ESR support.




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