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Filmfestival in Venice: In the Realm of Minis – Culture

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The leaders of the 74th film festival Venice promise the safest Mostra of all time. With 30 per cent more security, concrete roadblocks, surveillance cameras and special anti-terrorism. They walk around in civilian clothes and are equipped with smartphone cameras, which can identify suspects in the cinema hall by data matching and facial recognition. Cinema totally in times of terror: Is my face already recorded ?, one wonders bang.Zwar diagnoses the local local newspaper "Il Gazettino" a considerably higher climate of fear than 2016, but still a few hours before the festivaler opening on the Lido appears one Every thought of an attack absurd, as sleepy as Venice's beach island breeds in the sun. The noisiest noise: the electric screwdrivers of the craftsmen, who interfere with the temporary arrangements of the "Citadella del Cinema". For instance, at the Festival Giardino with the fountain and the Red Kinobaracke, which finally turns the mafia- and asbestos-contaminated excavation pit under the trolley. Or on the snow-white façade of the historic Palazzo del Cinema with dozens of ball lamps instead of the red XXL sequins of the previous years. A light show on the Red Carpet, beautiful when the Mostra d'arte cinematografica takes the old-fashioned speech of the light plays at the word.Amerika in Little Love, I have shrunk the world. Alexander Payne's opening film "Downsizing" fits especially to the start of a festival. What is it other than contracted reality, including all the fantasies and nightmares that surpass reality? It also fits into another fear, concern for climate change, overpopulation, and catastrophic global consequences. A science-fiction scenario settled in the middle of the present, an exaggerated rehearsal sample: could not people be reduced, say, to twelve centimeters? It would have immensely positive consequences for the planet's resources. Water and energy consumption, garbage production, pollution, everything has been significantly reduced – earth saved. After a Norwegian researcher has invented the appropriate means, downsizing comes quickly into fashion, it means to be able to indulge with little money in luxury and the stress of the big one behind To leave oneself. From the giant villa to the Cuban cigar, everything in the kingdom of the Minis is all for the ridicule. Also Paul Safranek from Colorado, an Otto-normal guy, as no one can better embody him than Matt Damon, wants his wife (Kristen Wiig) finally offer more than mortgages, the couple decides for shrinking. It is a pleasure to know how much detail is needed in the factory-like clinic by Alexander Payne ("About Schmidt"), including complete body shaving, removal of the dentures, plus XXS re-insert and removal of the tiny ones with a kind of pans.

But then the good Paul finds himself on the side of the mini-people again and must realize: Leisureland, the gated community under the glass hood (every mosquito is deadly!), Is a society of egoists. Everyone is keen on the cheap wealth, the warming is heartfelt to them. With all the pleasure on the satire without special-effect Schnickschnack – for this with Christoph Waltz and Udo Kier as gloriously loaded fortune rivals – the independent director and his co- Author Jim Taylor gave the audience a bitter pill. Leisureland corresponds precisely to the America that Donald Trump promised to his constituents: the small man quite large, the luxury affordable for all. But still the pioneers of the shrinkage experiment, a drop-off municipality in the Norwegian fjord, only think of themselves in the end. When Paul arrives at a brave, Vietnamese dissident (shrinked refugees can easily cross borders!), He faces a moral dilemma … Hollywood is a guest at the Lido

Venice traditionally opens the Oscar season, closely followed by the festivals in Telluride and Toronto. Venice has recently proved to be an ideal start-up for the race for the gold boys, with films such as "Gravity", "Birdman", "Spotlight" and "La La Land". Telluride is developing into the ever-increasing competition with the world champion for the youngest Oscar winner "Moonlight". Alberto Barbera, the director of the Festival, stresses that we work peacefully together – whoever believes it. Richard Linklater's latest production "Last Flag Flying" had to drop Venice to New York, and the anticipated Prequel "Blade Runner 2049" will probably be released to theaters in the beginning of October without a festival Four Oscar candidates, in the next few days threatens star-stunner at the gala-defilees. On "Downsizing" with Matt Damon and co, Guillermo del Toro's horror love movie "The Shape Of Water" with Sally Hawkins and Saturday's Primetime George Clooney's fifties suburban drama "Suburbicon", right back with Damon and with Juliane Moore. For Darren Aronofsky's Psychothriller "Mother", Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are announced for Martin Donagh's tragicomedy "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell, for the Silver-Ager Roadmovie "The Leisure Seeker" Helen Mirren And Donald Sutherland. Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, Judi Dench and Penelope Cruz are out of competition. Algorithms for the box officeAlberto Barbera is concerned about the future of the film festivals, which are increasingly difficult to get productions of their choice. Less because of the Oscars or the festive competition, but because of the increasing participation of the investors, for example from China. "Box office forecasts for the start-end weekend are calculated using algorithms, such as the course of the financial world," Barbera told the "Screen International" industry newspaper. Because the first encounter of a film with the audience can be decisive for the success of the success, the premiere blessing threatens to become a curse. World premiums are unpredictable, nobody can predict the dynamics of festival hype. Consequently, the great moment of the very first look at a work represents a capital risk for the financiers. And the future of cinema? The 3-D wave is sown, not just at the festivals. The uncontested recording of the streaming services into the ranking of the industry players is also to be found in Venice: Netflix shows a crime series, Ai Weiweis Friday the refugee documentation "The Human Flow" is distributed by Amazon. The latest hot thing, however, is Virtual Reality, the cinema of immersion. As the first big festival, Venice launched a VR contest. The films, games and interactive installations are presented in one of the small lagoons on the island of Lido in historic warehouses. Headset and nothing like purely in the 360-degree picture world. Darling, I've shrunk the cinema, is that the future? More about this soon.


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