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Film City Berlin: Paddington's Return – Berlin

Sunday, November 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Witches always go. Shakespeare already knew that, see "Macbeth". Although his three old wives were already of a different caliber than Bibi Blocksberg or Lilli. For appearances, even leading roles in a Christmas movie, the scary trio would be inappropriate. Lilli, on the other hand … It's that time again: The dark season has begun, the Christmas festival is approaching, and with it the films with which the rental companies want to lure the whole family into the cinemas on Advent weekends or in between. Films like "Suddenly Santa" (from 16.11.), In which the carpenter Andersen, who despite his best disguise is unable to convince his children as Santa Claus, meets the real redrock in a sledge accident. Who in turn has told his children that a carpenter named Andersen brings the presents. A role swap is agreed – well, you can imagine the rest about. Even the British Ambassador visited the "Paddington" premiere That a pre-Christmas light play does not extinguish again sparkling, but developed blockbuster qualities, such a movie start like to premiere garnished, and since the time is tight, it happens sometimes that two such gala performances take place on the same day as yesterday. At least not at the same time. Yes, with clever planning it was even possible to marvel at the cinema in the Kulturbrauerei "Witch Lilli saves Christmas" and then in the Zoo-Palace "Paddington 2", cards for both premieres provided. And they were in demand, especially for the bear number. Few are so fortunate and, as Her Majesty's Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood already committed to officially sponsoring British cultural assets such as Bear Paddington. Hedda Erlebach, the new leading actress in "Witch Lilli Saves Christmas." Photo: imago / Horst GaluschkaBut first came witch Lilli, the children's book series of her creator Knister and already successful in 2009 and 2011 in the cinema, now with new lead actress. She was found in Berlin: Hedda Erlebach, eleven years old, with her first experiences as dubbing actor and actress, in addition to this with devotion to the Berlin TSC, department figure skating. Only in the spring she took part in the examinations for the appointment to the national squad of the Berlin ice sports federation for the coming season – and was actually taken up because of "above-average achievements" in the support cadre. This has consequences for everyday life, as described by Hedda in a children's magazine of the Deutsche Bahn: "On three days a week at 8 o'clock the school starts. On the other two days I first have figure skating training in the morning. Classes then go until noon or afternoon. This is followed by the second training session. Most of the time, I'm home at 7 pm, doing my homework and resting. At about 9:30 pm, the lights go out. "

 Jürgen Vogel once again felt like a children's film figure skating, Christmas movie – but actually fits quite well, even if the young actress did not have to stand on skids in front of the camera. Lilli also has enough problems, but she conjures to annoy her annoying little brother, servant Ruprecht from the Middle Ages to the present. But he does not want to go back, makes trouble and even puts Christmas in danger. But do not worry: everything will be fine! Jürgen Ruprecht plays the role of Jürgen Vogel, who – as Wolfgang Groos quotes him – "just felt like doing it again" in a children's film, his last was "Emil and the detectives". Like Hedda, her filmmaker Anja Kling, Groos and producer Corinna Mehner, Vogel also premiered. Of course, it was not the right one. The took place a week ago in Cologne, and anyway the film has been in theaters since Thursday. But it was festive. Maybe not quite like before the Zoo-Palast at "Paddington 2". Such a Peruvian spectacled bear with a great love for orange marmalade, which it has turned into a London middle-class family – that's something very special. For the first time, Paddington visited the city on the occasion of the 2014 Film Festival, which was only justifiable due to family ties to the Berlinale Bear. Hugh Bonneville, substitute father of the addictive bear, was in town anyway because of George Clooney's "Monuments Men", where the British Embassy immediately advertised for the unfinished film, even a plush Paddington in Herthino format participated. For the premiere ten months later came only Elyas M'Barek, voice actor of the bear. For the first time since "Notting Hill" Hugh Grant and Hugh Bonneville (right) for "Paddington 2" again together before the … Photo: Manfred Thomas

He also walked on the red carpet on Sunday, his wax figure, lounging casually on a sofa under Madame Tussaud's Unter den Linden, had already been visited a few days ago by the fur animal in blue duffle coat. This time he was not alone, found himself in the company of director Paul King and producer David Heyman, but the real stars were Hugh Bonneville and newcomer Hugh Grant, who has taken over the role of the villain of Nicole Kidman, in the first part a nasty animal preparer , For both Hughs it is the first common movie since "Notting Hill". The nun was especially fond of Hugh Grant. Of course, red was not just the rug and Paddington's funny slouch hat. A red biplane had been brought up as a backdrop, a red telephone booth, of which there are still some of the old West Berlin from Allied times anyway, had been set up – in the event that Paddington with his almost 100-year-old Aunt Lucy in Peru want to make phone calls, which is ultimately the trigger of new adventures. In other words, mishaps actually happen to Paddington in his attempts to make money. He wants to give the aunt a valuable pop-up book, but unfortunately this is stolen by the self-obsessed actor Phoenix Buchanan, who has long since passed the zenith of his career. Some people thought so too of his actor Hugh Grant. But then, thanks to "Florence Foster Jenkins" catapulted back into the top division and is now highly praised even in the British press for his Fiesling role. Which gave him, as he revealed yesterday in the Zoo-Palast, a special pleasure, because this time – his character hatches in various roles – was allowed to play a nun. He had attended a pure boys' school and always got the women's roles. In Germany "Paddington 2" starts on November 23, in the US only in mid-January, but until then a new rental must be found. The old was no longer acceptable for a family movie: The Weinstein Company.


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