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Federal Criminal Police Office: fewer and fewer dips in Germany – Politics

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The number of burglaries in Germany is expected to have fallen this year for the second time in a row. "After 2016, we expect a significant drop in the number of falls in apartment burglaries for 2017," said Holger Münch, President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), with the German Press Agency. Insurers are also seeing this trend, even if they are still holding back a little: "Figures from the insurance industry up to September 2017 suggest a decline in burglaries in Germany compared to 2016," says the German Insurance Association (GDV). However, the picture can still change significantly, especially in the dark months will burglary.Nachdem in the end of the year, the penalties for convicted offenders were tightened, most Germans, however, do not believe in a success: In a representative survey of opinion polling YouGov Only one in ten respondents said that the tightening of sentences helped to prevent burglaries. For the first time in years, there had been a decline in burglaries. The number of cases fell nationwide by 9.5 percent to 151,265. It remained in 66 960 cases in experiments (44.3 percent). Final case numbers for 2017 are expected to be available in spring 2018, when the official crime statistics for Germany are presented. German nationals dominate with suspects For years, burglaries in Germany have increased and reached a worrying level. According to data from the BKA, German nationals and "local-regional perpetrators", such as gangs of juveniles and drug users, continue to dominate among the suspects. However, the proportion of non-German suspects and so-called traveling perpetrators, who worked very mobile and in well-structured gangs, has been steadily increasing, often from south-eastern and eastern Europe. Investigators and politicians have been under pressure in recent years to step up their fight against burglars , The black-red federal government has recently provided for a tightening of penalties, which has been in force since the summer: when a personal flat breaks in, a minimum sentence of one year in prison instead of six months is now due. The frame extends up to a ten-year imprisonment. Germans are skeptical of higher penalties As the YouGov survey commissioned by the German Press Agency revealed, people in Germany are skeptical: around 60 percent of participants said that the higher sentence "probably is not "Or" certainly not "help to reduce the number of burglaries. Only a total of 12 percent and thus well one in ten respondents said that the tightening of the penalty "determined" or "likely" help. 24 percent said "maybe". The remaining 4 percent responded with "do not know" or did not say anything.

At the same time, the majority of respondents were rather careless. Almost two thirds (63 percent) said they felt very well or well protected in their own home. The remaining third feel rather unprotected or not at all well protected. 30 percent said that they had already taken special measures to protect against burglaries, such as additional protection for doors and windows. 35 percent said no here, but stated that they were thinking about it. Another 30 percent said that they had not been specially protected or even thought about it before. Insured: Good safety technology offers the best protection. Insurers pointed out that good safety technology offers the best protection against burglars. "For example, if you want to secure windows and doors, you will even receive a subsidy from the state. Applications can be made to the KfW banking group, "explained the GDV. The BKA emphasized that the fight against burglary had a great significance for the police" given the high number of cases and the special significance of the offense for the security of the population. " From the point of view of BKA boss Münch show the now falling case numbers that the investigators are on the right track. However, insurers warned that even if the decline should be confirmed in 2017, the level of burglary remains high. The information rate was 16.9 percent in 2016, compared with just 15.2 percent the year before. About one third of the people in Germany, according to YouGov, have already had experience with apartment burglars. 11 percent said they had themselves been affected by a slump in the private apartment. Another 23 percent said someone had broken into their personal environment. (AP)


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