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Fashion Week in Berlin: Freedom in Your Pocket – Fashion – World

Friday, January 19th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

"This city is so full of energy and ideas. And rebellious. I call this the POB – Power of Berlin. "When the enthralling entrepreneur from South Korea Sung-Joo Kim, newly elected member of the board of the Fashion Council Germany, raves about Berlin, it is said that she also talks about herself. Berlin and Kim: a soulmate. At the FashionTech, the young conference format about the future of fashion, she is the star. When she speaks, more buyers, start-ups, influencers and marketing experts are pushing into the hall of Kraftwerk Mitte to discuss "digitalization in the fashion industry, future of retail, digital marketing and communications". Sung-Joo Kim bought in 2005 against all reason the tampered German luxury label MCM and made it again one of the most sought-after brands in Asia. She continues to expand and has embarked on a three-year plan to digitize MCM, starting with an interactive website. Pretty late. Because: "Who is not digital in three years," is whispered at the FashionTech, "is away from the window." One thinks to feel a collective goose bumps in the fashion professionals in view of the huge task and the immense cost, in the Internet, the interest of Secure customers with attention spans of under ten seconds. World-enhancing and art-related additional content should highlight the brands and products from the crowd. The like in video form, because here is the attention span at least 13 seconds. Elaborate multi-, cross- or omnichannel marketing for a "seamless user experience" should, in short, make it possible to shop easily anytime, anywhere. H & M's declining sales and the current racial reproach are threatening the consequences of ignorance of e-commerce and the power of social networks. Actually, she has no idea about digital marketing, Sung-Joo kisses Kim with a laugh. Anyway, that would always tell her daughter. The is 28 years young, "Head of Digital" at MCM and belongs to the generation of the so-called Millennials, the generation that grew up with the Internet from childhood on. Misjudgment is obviously on the agenda Given the difficult task, the claims of these hot coveted customer group in terms of service and rich brand identity to meet, if today all companies had the nature of start-ups, is the general tenor at the Fashion Tech. The feeling that everyone is facing the same challenge visibly fosters the misconception that everyone needs everything: expensive omnichannel strategies on all channels, videos for vertical mobile and computer format, collaborations with influencers, access to peer grouping, and comprehensive coverage. Evaluation and availability of customer data. And that's just the marketing, production and middleshing aside. As far as he still has a future.

 This misjudgment is obviously the order of the day. For example, the off-season online retailer The Outnet, which emerged from Net-A-Porter, initially believed that its customers were young fashionistas who wanted nothing more than further discount. In reality, the customers were in the middle of their lives with their high heels and had confidently freed themselves from the pressure of new collections. What they actually wanted was information and preferential access to special goods. So it was on the FashionTech consensus that it was still important to meet the customer in person. Or you can entrust newcomers like ZMS. The Zalando subsidiary wants to offer other companies target-group-oriented digital marketing and has screened for 22 million customers. Facebook data has been added and seven new consumer groups found, subdivided according to fashion preferences and socio-cultural interests. The names of the so-called "zTypes" are no longer so intimidating: Happy Casuals, Fresh Families, Modern Mainstreamers, Hip Poppers, Street Snobs, Cultured Elite, Preppy Strivers. Transparent customers? The industry wants to be more like the concierge of their favorite hotel, making life as comfortable as possible for the customer based on what they've collected. And even more … Photo: Getty Images The constant evocation of individuality, communication and emotion showed at FashionTech but also the character of a reinsurance not to be part of a dehumanization of the (fashion) world. Sung-Joo Kim firmly believes that high emotional intelligence can make the new technology world human. Especially for women, therefore, many new opportunities.

 Companies like the Berlin-based provider of curated shopping Outfittery, who sees himself as half of a fashion and half of a technology company, see this almost playfully. Outfittery had a stylist compete against a computer fed with order information from over 500,000 customers. Both should choose the ideal sock for Outfittery customers. The final result was announced at FashionTech: With 56 percent, the stylist sock could barely beat the algorithm. The insecure specialist audience had previously voted against the stylists by a large majority – but without having seen the socks. The majority of fashion people think e-commerce is a life-and-death game. It seems that only those companies where online commerce and marketing are already part of DNA, or logistics giants such as Amazon, can laugh. And of course Sung-Joo Kim. She sees the offline future as Chief Visionary Officer for the MCM stores rather than experience spaces. Just like on the new website, which is to be launched this year, it will also create an idiosyncratic picture of Germany in these places in the future. Because when asked why MCM is so successful in Asia, Sung-Joo Kim answers that her leather goods as a German product in partially democratized countries convey the feeling of freedom that we enjoy in Germany. #freiheitstasche.


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