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False start: Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV is coming soon

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  False start: Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV is coming soon



          06.12.2017 11:11 UhrBen swan

    Logo of Amazon Prime Video.
                (Picture: Amazon)
              The app for watching films and series from the Amazon offering on the Apple multimedia box has been announced since summer. According to Apple, it will come by the end of the year.
            Amazon Prime Video is one of the few streaming offers, which does not exist so far for Apple's multimedia box Apple TV – a multi-year simmering conflict between the two companies should be responsible. Last June, however, Apple announced at the developer conference WWDC 2017 in San Jose, that the film and TV service now finally appears for tvOS – and "later this year", as it was called without any closer date announcement.
Amazon: 2017 starts
It's already "later this year", but there is still no sign of Amazon Prime Video for tvOS. Already in August it was said that there are delays. However, according to Amazon's PR department, it still remains that the current vapor product still becomes the real software product. "Thanks for asking," said the e-commerce giant in a statement, "yes, you can expect the app to launch this year".
Apple releases notice too soon
That the availability of Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV announces (probably 4 and 4K), was late Tuesday night, Apple also hint. In his App Store application for iOS was briefly read that Amazon Prime Video is now available on the Apple TV – including an announcement in the editorially equipped "Today" area of ​​the software store. A short time later, however, the reference to tvOS was deleted and only the long-available iOS version of the app was advertised.
Included in prime offer – partial
It is also unclear whether the Amazon prime video application for tvOS also appears in Germany or is initially only available in the US. Neither Apple nor Amazon have so far given details. The service is also part of the paid Prime subscription in Germany, which markets shipping and other shopping benefits for Amazon users for a fee. However, newer strips and series are lent or sold only for money.




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